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You will need to hold x to run and then jump so it will be a long jump.

After the game jam, we will try to make the game support browser. Sorry to hear that.


We have just done the jumping control but as you know we cant update it till the rating is done. It may be too dark but its meant to be a dark place where you can see with lights only. For the traps, we want people to win the game with most lives they can. They may die with the traps in the first time but later they will memorise and avoid it. For the theme, it has a basic controls. Only arrows jump and activate keys, with simple story.

Thanks for the review.

Nice speed run lol. I think you can still do better than that XD

Well Played.

Lol, I dont think you can beat it XD. Try your best then. Good Luck! 

Nice game. The graphics are awesome.!

 It needs a restart button. 

Thanks! Yeah its a hard game lol you will need to play many times to beat it XD.

i will surely check your game :D.

Thanks a lot.
You are right, the jump is too high. We will try to make it balanced in the future.

Thanks <3, Yeah its a hard game XD. You need to play it multiple times to win.

اللعبه عجيبه و بنفس الوقت ترفع الضغط ههههههه

مع اني شفت النهايه من لعبتها انت فالمركز 

بس ياني فضول اجربها مره ثانيه 

Thank you so much <3 

Thanks a lot. Glad you liked it, because only few people like the PixelArt style.

Hope you like it. Keep trying to beat it because it won't be easy XD.

You may beat Level 5, but I don't think you can beat Level 7. Its hard for you lol BTW, hard for me too XD

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We have developed our first ever game and it's called "Son of Viking". Its a 2D Platform horror game.  All the drawings were drawn by us. I hope you give the game a try. Its available on Windows.  

We will add new levels, enemies, bosses and traps in the future, so please give us your opinion and tell how we could make it more fun :)


-Thanks a lot 

Nice game :D i liked the idea of the game. Well made.

I liked the character and the way he walks XD nice game btw.

Nice graphics. Need more thing to be collected but so good so far. I liked it.

Nice new idea. Well made. Really enjoyed playing it.

Loved the physics of the game.

colourful game ! new idea really liked it! 

An opinion, the time should be timer to see the fastest one to finish the game not counting down.

Enjoyed the game :)

Nice animations! Just an idea for you, add more enemies and more ways of attacking :)

enjoyed the game.

Thanks, will surely check your game !