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Party of the YearView game page Jam Submission
Submitted by Chris, Jadith (@Kallentide), RandomJPG (@RandomJPG) — 5 minutes, 57 seconds before the deadline
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Honestly i just didn't get what im supposed to do in the game, how to play it. Maybe you should give some sort of tutorial in the very beginning. The visuals are great and the party looks fun, too bad i don't understand how to take a part :D


I like the visuals and the idea, and I can see you put so much effort into the assets! I couldn't put off the fire-  I really think you should finish this game because it looks great, don't leave it now the jam deadline is here :) It could be really great! The music was nice at first but it reiterated too much, maybe a similar but longer track could work better. The cinemachine seemed a bit slow to me but that could just be me.

Keep up with it!! Good luck!


I enjoyed the main premace of this game. Unfortunately I couldn't actively play it. I didn't know what I am supposed to do,  nor what I was doing wrong. I think having a start sequence to the game to allow players to understand the basic mechanics, then let them have free reign. To put it into perspective, I took a phone call accidentally leaving it running and had more guests than when I actively played it. 

I found a few of bugs:
- The time goes to 11:60 instead of ticking over to 12:00am
- When I walked over some bottles it'd teleport me to a different location and the bottle gone. I'd left click and be holding the bottle. 
- Sometimes I have had multiple UI widgets overlap
- (already mentioned) bottles dropped can't be moved
- My esc key didnt pause the game

I really hope you can update it to get it into a playable state, since i want to be the best host of 2019! *Yo! Pump up the jam, Pump it up,While your feet are stomping* :P

Also, if at all possible, a fun idea would be to allow players to play their own music. 

Good job non-the-less! :D 


Did you make the assets? Very well done :D

Unfortunatelly I couldn't put off the fire... 


I made all the assets. I am just getting started learning so I was super jazzed. I may have made too many :P


Done a good job with the assets and style , but as previously mentioned if you drop a bottle you cannot pick it back up.   


Ty! I made the assets and Im very happy with them.


Loved the tunes :D haha, nothing was really happening and when bottles appeared by pressing mouse once it dropped it and you couldn't pick it up again, when the fires started you couldn't put them out.  

Submitted (1 edit)

Hello! I can see that you took your sweet time doing some nice assets, and it'd be a shame if you didn't fix some stuff: 

For 3 minutes nothings happened and my fun meter didn't go down. Then some fires started and I couldn't figure out how to put them out. For some reason though, my fun meter got stuck between green and red switching back and forward. Then someone's phone started ringing and when I picked it up I couldn't get rid of it. Also the escape button didn't work so I had to Alt F4 my way out of your game haha.

If you manage to do some fixes let me know and I'll give it a try :)


(I'll hold on to my vote in case you fix it, so I can judge it fairly)


Thank you! I made the assets and I was super happy with them.