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Still a lot of great games with low ratings!

A topic by Bastian Top created Dec 14, 2020 Views: 78 Replies: 2
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Hey all I did one more video session today and some games were really good but totally underrated! If I can only recommend one I would say do check out Out Of Reach... ok and also check out From the Core!!

Check out my review below, and give some love to these games! They all deserve more ratings!

00:00 Game Off 2020 Submission Review#9
00:35 Lunar Defense (
02:39 From the Core (
28:15 Moonshot (
31:40 Moonshotz (
34:30 Game On (
40:04 Lunar Apocalypse (
47:03 Galactic Heist (
50:45 Unearthly Demise (
1:02:00 Out of Reach ( 

Oh and if you want me to rate your game, just leave a short post! I will try to get some more sessions in this week!




Hi i would appreciate you checking out my game:


Hey. I'd be appreciate if you play mine: