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THIS IS AMAZING! I really like the background music and the atmosphere around the game. It really vibes the whole gameplay. Although it is a simple and small game, I enjoy it a lot. Great graphics and sound effects too. I rarely find pool games fun for me, but this one actually does. The mechanics are easy and understandable. The how-to-play screen is an impressive way to explain to the players. I support you and hoping you would continue making games! :D

The game is really fun and puzzling at the same time. It may be chilling from the music, but the brain thinking is there. It's really innovative and I enjoy how the game puzzles the players, even if the movement is a bit crappy. The save system actually is a GREAT RELIEF. I didn't know what does "restart" mean, either the whole level or just back from a certain checkpoint. This is a great game and I'm looking forward to your future games! :D

I also had the same idea as yours! But I decided to go for it, since I'm curious on where it will take me.

I was planning to, but I decided to go on Bosca Ceoil.

I really like the animation and the robot. Thank you so much for sharing this asset. I'm currently using it for a game I'm making now.

I really enjoy the gameplay and its mechanic. Simple and fun to play. Though, I noticed that there is a pistol and an SMG, which can use to shoot the enemies. However, I mostly use the SMG instead of the pistol. Probably because the way the laser and the SMG shoot mechanic is so similar that I adapt to that kind of mechanic more than using a pistol. Still, the graphics, the music, and the sound effects looks good.

The baby is cute and the animation is really smooth. I like the sound effects and the music, simple but enjoyable. I've just realized that the aliens were dabbing when they move. Although the game is short, I think it is a fun game and a great start for developing your first game. Great job and keep up the good work!

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Sorry for the shop bug. It was my first time creating that mechanic, but I finally got it. It is fixed now. And for the coins, it's also fixed. Now, you can get the coins while going to another planet.

It's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It's really cute and fun, the visuals aren't that bad. The game mechanic is simple and the music relaxes the player when playing the game. The dialogues on the start is very buggy, the dialogues should change when the images also change at the same time. The instruction is simple as the player has to move left, right, and jump, not falling to pits, and not getting caught from the line of sight of the enemies. The enemies' line of sight is a bit messed up, where somehow they still can see the player while there was a solid block covering the player. Also, I noticed that the AI can't stop moving, i.e. it must move at any direction. If not, it will do as if it was glitching, non-stop moving left and right. It is also a good idea to get the enemies attention by "meowing" and turning the enemies to move at that direction while the player is hiding. It's really fun and enjoyable to play, hopefully you'll get back to this game and work on several bugs there. Great job!

The game is fun and the controls aren't hard. A very minimalist main menu since it's only a Play button. The graphics are amazing and the music is very relaxing. The controls didn't show graphic of how hard it shoots or where it will aim at, which can be hard if we want the shot to be precise. Overall, I think this is a good game.

It's really good and challenging to play. I was hoping that if the bullets collided on one to another, they both would disappear, but I was wrong. Still, it's a fun mini game to play.

Just finished my game

Hey, I'd like to help with making UI and HUD Design. Talk to me in Discord TheGamer#0309

Game puzzlenya lumayan menarik. Tapi saat sampai level keempat, itu seperti level yang ngga boleh ada kesalahan. Dan juga, sebaiknya restart bukan artinya harus ulang dari awal, tapi mengulangi level itu saja. Tapi secara kesuluruhan, semuanya cukup baik.

Astronotnya agak susah dikontrol, tapi bagus kok gamenya.

Looks like we have ourselves a new DDLC game, but with food

I think it's just an arcade game

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Sent you a friend request

I really like the gameplay. It's simple and easy to play. The clues aren't that hard and I really like both visual and sound effects. True, it lacks polish, but it's a great game concept. Nice work! 

Hey! I do need a pixel artist! I'm a programmer and would love some help. I have Discord TheGamer#0309.

I gotta say, it was a fun game. It gives me The Binding of Isaac vibe. But when I look closely at the animation, it's kinda weird to see the men boobs bouncing up and down weirdly. Still, it is an amazing game and I beat it at the second try. Great job!

I'm looking for someone to volunteer in making a game with me using furries as a character. The artist can be either good at making sprite characters (64x64 or 32x32) with its own animation for making a 2D platformer game or making a full body with different expressions and maybe costumes for a Visual Novel game. The game can be either SFW or NSFW, but if taking it to NSFW, then I'd like to discuss something about it since there are limits. 

The game that would be in progress is for a game jam called Anthropomorphism Jam which would end right before Christmas' Eve. If you're interested, DM me in Discord TheGamer#0309 and show me some of your portfolio. Then, we can discuss for the game.

Hey, here's the game I used from your assets. I modified its color in order to follow its atmosphere.

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I might be the only one who realized this, but there was this question:

Which of the following content in your game is NOT 100% newly made for the jam?

Supposedly, for your game, the assets that was already made but not intended for the game jam is the sound/music. You even mentioned it in your page. I was a bit confused of why you didn't put that in.

Nah, there are 27 levels in the game. I've beaten the normal difficulty like several times and it's possible.

The game is fun and simple, but the jump mechanic confused me. How many times can the player actually jumps? Sometimes it can jumps once, twice, or even thrice. Is it random?

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Did you accidentally delete it? Because it says that you didn't upload any HTML5 files except the download one.

Same for me

I can't play it(?)

I really like the game. It's quick and easy to play. I was hoping there would be more levels in the game than just 6, but that would do. Still, I enjoy it.

When I played the game, I'm currently feeling nostalgia of old 8 bit retro games.

Same here. I played your game before the voting begins. The game is short, simple and easy, but fun and challenging to play.

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There is no music or sound, just the game itself. I don't know how many lives does the enemy have, so I just spammed the arrows at them and hoping I could catch the arrows at the same time. And the one thing I was wondering is the player a rock against golems(?)


Thanks, but I already asked someone to make the music and sound effects. Anyway, I've already finished.

I'm going to finish soon, just need some music and sound effects.

Thank you so much for making this. It's so good and fits very well with my games!


Discord: TheGamer#0309