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This is a clever and puzzling game. I like the visuals and the music. It took me several tries just to get something to work, but once it's solved, it feels great. This is an interesting game that could've been better if there were improvements.

The gameplay seems fun and puzzling, but in a good way. The difficulty curve is fine and they all have a way to solve them. But I kinda have to do trial-and-error just to clear them. Maybe I prefer to have the boars to indicate where they'll move so it'll be easier. And I noticed that the tiger moved first, then the boar. There's a short delay on the boar when the tiger moved. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I'd rather that they both move at the same time. 

But as people said this was your first game jam, you did a solid job. Sorry for being a critique. Hope you improve and make a better game in the future. Good job on finishing the game :)

I was feeling spiteful to the game jam. Sorry not sorry :P

The game is very strategic on how to make the path for the enemies to reach to the next level without dying. I really enjoy how simple and easy to control. Everything is very smooth.

I also like the background music and sound effects. It has a unique vibe, especially when it comes to playing tower defense. Although this is backwards, it is still more than enough to give the vibe.

But yes, like Szym, the only thing I can say is that to add the speedup button. Overall, I'm impressed how you made the game. Great job!

The game's quite challenging. It's fun and a good concept. The only complaint I can give is the stupid ball. The ball can sometimes go vertically where the player can only jump, which is frustrating as the game is more luck-based. If the ball can bounce not vertically if it's close to the player, that would be better. Overall, I think it's a good concept.

It's quite a puzzling (in a good way) game. Short, but solid. With all of that levels, it's done in just about a few minutes. I enjoy the background music, giving the player time to chill and relax. The art is quite cozy and it seems a fun game to play. The gameplay is quite solid. The only thing I can complain about is probably the way the text is being displayed. Good idea to make it typewriter style, but it's a little bit... out of position. It's not centered and more of a "Got no time! Slap it there and there!" kind of feeling. But from the submission time, I can see why. Good game! Keep up the good work!

Also, there's a typo from the first sentence: Welcom to our game. 

The game is decent and solid, but it's quite sluggish and slow. I'm not sure how the turrets do more damage with more cost, but I can see that the blue one slows the enemy down. There's no music, but the sound effects feel cartoonish and a little funny. Overall, I think it's a solid good game. Good job :)

Simple, fun, and an impressive game. Vimlark never disappoint us!

I like the visuals, but I feel like you could've done better. The controls are a bit janky and the design is a bit off. Maybe you need to put the health bar a little lower and bigger, just to give tell that the player has one. Another thing is that the zombies firing bullets a bit too small and quick. Like, I barely can see it and am almost unsure if I dodge it or not.

I see you have potential. Keep making games and do a good work in the future.

I like the concept and how you implement the theme into the game. It's a solid platformer game and the ambiance sound seems nice. I got stuck when there were only the yellow stairs and don't know where else to go. Either it's over or I just suck. Overall, it's a solid good game.

Cute art and the music are fine too. The game was quite a challenge, or maybe because I suck at physics games. Overall, it's a good game.

I use Godot to create the game.

Really interesting mechanic. The game is fun and very puzzling. You did a great job in creating the puzzles and how implementing the theme. I also notice the interesting bar on top to see when it switches. Overall, it's a solid puzzle-platformer game. Good job!

Intense self-loving! Kill them with kindness!

Ooh~ Light switch~

I was actually thinking of that idea. Some enemies can be hurt with a certain weapon, while others can't. A spear and a shield might not be inside the game for a few reasons:

1. A spear acts similar to a dagger, just longer. It's the same animation, therefore I see it as something not needed. And although creating a spear that acts slower than a dagger, the spear would probably be less used unless there's a certain enemy.

2. I was thinking of a shield to be added to the game. However, the sword already exists and I think a sword is more than enough to destroy the arrows. And I'd encourage the player to try to move to dodge the arrows while fighting the enemies. You know, making the game much difficult.

I'd thank you for your feedback.

Interesting toy, I see. A whopper cushion that can be filled with farts and used as a one-time jump boost! It's pretty cool. Although, it's kinda annoying that you place it in front of the player, forcing the player to turn around and fart just to fill it up. Great toy!

Hey! So, I noticed you're looking for a Godot mentor. I'm still learning Godot, but I know a trick or two. I've been game developing for 2 years. If you wanna talk more, my Discord is TheGamer#0309. 

Seems like an interesting mechanic. The player can go through walls and solid objects using a purple vortex. It can negate gravity and speed. However, it's not polished enough. I see it has potential, but need a little bit more work around the character and the mechanic. Still, good job making this out!

This gives me Tron vibes for no reason. Pretty impressive Physics you got there. Looking forward for this guy to be in the next round!

This is quite an interesting idea. Creating turrets to shoot at enemies and letting them do the job? Seems like a solid character there. Although there were slight issues, it's decently well made. But also, yeah. From the comment below, wished there was game art and not just squares. 

The concept is solid. But it's a bit stiff. Looking forward if you pass to the next round :3

Pretty interesting mechanic! A turtle that can throw and return its shell? That might be a fun game!

The character is an interesting alien. Didn't expect that he would exist! It's pretty fun, the particles are used impressively, and I can think that it can be an interesting shooter platformer puzzle game.

Good job!

Is Bob an ex-ninja? Because I believe he is.

I see the character has the potential to be in a good game. But it seems that Bob can use stealth so quick and fast, I bet the girl wouldn't be able to see him at any time. If there was a cooldown, the player can think of when to use the sneak or not. Or maybe a small drawback when bob uses stealth. 

Overall, I'm looking forward to this game. Seems fun!

This is a very positive vibe game with the unique character and unique mechanic. I did not expect this kind of character would exist. The only complain for me is that I wish we can use "W" and "S" key to pat the head instead of using the up and down arrow keys. It's still good to keep those things, but I just prefer the "W" and "S".

Overall, it's really good. Bet it would make it to the next round!

I played this game before and it's quite a fun character to play. With a small radius of explosion and a 5-second delay, that's a unique character I'm seeing. I've never met a character who should deliberately kill themselves just to proceed on. It's well made and a good character. Hope you make it to round 2!

Ok, I have several things to say:

1. I did not expect there would be sound effects for the player to fart.

2. It's really a well-made character. I really like how he can fart at any time, even when jumping. It's like giving a weapon, but instead of attacking the front, you attack the back. Great job!

3. I was hoping the fart to shrink as it goes up since it's gas. And I thought that the character would give some momentum when they fart.

Overall, it was a fun and interesting character. Good job!

Ok, I have several things to say:

1. I did not expect there would be sound effects for the player to fart.

2. It's really a well-made character. I really like how he can fart at any time, even when jumping. It's like giving a weapon, but instead of attacking the front, you attack the back. Great job!

3. I was hoping the fart to shrink as it goes up since it's gas. And I thought that the character would give some momentum when they fart.

Overall, it was a fun and interesting character. Good job!

I really like the character and it's very interesting. The magic to teleport from one hat to another is pretty cool. This character can be used to make a platformer puzzle game. Quite interesting.

Hello, there! This is the start of the very first bara game, Troy's Sexventure. It's a platformer shooter bara game where you play as Troy, a perverted adventurer who is hunting treasures from around the world. This was intentionally a game for the bara jam, but we see that it has potential. The current game here is the alpha version of the game. Everything here is not permanent and it can improve in the future. We are not sure how long until it is finished, but we are determined.

Please let us know what you guys think about the current game.

It's a pretty interesting start to a game. I really like the sound effects where it varies from one another when you click the "work" button. I see the limitation, but I believe the theme comes from the player themselves where they would be "on the edge" of just ending the game. Pretty simple graphics and an interesting way to play the game. Although it's a bit boring and plain, but it's a start. Good job!

I really enjoy the game. It's really simple and fun. And when I mean simple, I mean the whole gameplay. The art style is really good, but it's kinda inconsistent as I see some are pixel art, and some are gradient-like. Some are detailed and some are plain simple.

The sound effects are really nice and it has a great story to it. Though the theme can only be understood if the player has finished the game. If you add some music to it, I bet it would be better. 

Overall, it was a fun experience and I really enjoy playing it. Good job.

Alright, this is the developer's comment about the bug he forgot to fix.

First, there are times that the player can still get hit when its health is already 0 or below. Even that, the number is supposed to display negative numbers. Another thing is that setting the cursor to none was a previous intention. However, due to some complaints, I removed those actions. Turned out that there was one hidden action when the player clicked "Yes" on the Continue button, the player's cursor set to none. I forgot to remove that one last action from the code.

Actually, there is a coyote time. I probably set it to only 0.25 seconds when the player is not on the ground. I should probably make it longer a little.

It's pretty good lore and story. I really like the graphics and the art. It could've been polished to be better, but I understand why it's not much polished. Overall, it's a good game.

There are times that I work so hard on a game even if it is just a game jam. And this was one of those times again. I didn't expect that I would go this far to make a game. There were so many things I added, so many decors, and now I'm tired. God, what a game I've made.

Construct 3. Haha, game progress goes BRRRRR!

It really gets to the point. The game is good and simple. It's very familiar to an arcade game. But, I was hoping the game would get harder and harder when the waves go up. But it seems it doesn't in my session. Still, pretty cool concept.

Good graphics, but I think the jump is a bit too sensitive.