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Turn based racer
Submitted by kakoeimon with 11 days, 10 hours before the deadline

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Theme interpretation#1062.6112.611

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Maybe I would have had a better time if I played it multiplayer, but it felt more like mini-golf taking strokes than it did racing to me. I like the idea of racing with a ball by using power shots around the track, but needing to wait for the ball to stop rolling slowed down the pace too much for me.



Yes, it is a multiplayer game. It is based on the boardgame named PitchCars.

Submitted (1 edit)

Great multiplayer game, lots of tracks and fun. Good job !




I liked!
Just one thing: I was playing, and after apply a force on the ball it got stuck on the rail and the game froze.
Anyway, good job! ;)


This is a very common problem with physics engines and fast moving objects. I thought that it was well callibrated in the game, but on the other hand if you loose a frame just before the impact then this may happen.

I had to create an option to reset the ball position.


About the problem with physics, if you are using Unity3d, it´s better use AddForce instead of Transform.translate, I´m saying because I had this problem once.


I am using Godot and I am using apply_impulse ( I used apply_force too but I didn't like the results).

The problem with physics engines in general is that they move the objects in the physics step and then apply forces to separate the overlapping objects (collision reaction). This way if an object is moving too fast there is a possibility to pass through an object or stuck inside. The solution to this is to make more steps for the fast moving objects. Godot have this but the physics engine is locked with the frame rate, this means that if you loose a frame the crucial moment then you may have a problem like this.

This is how I remember things worked for Bullet at least, cause I have read some of the presentations and techniques back in the days of the first versions. I also remember similar things about the first presentations of Box2D. Godot's physics engines are like striped down versions of Bullet for 3D and Box2D for 2D.

I Unity I do not know what they used, but I remember that they had good reaction for fast moving objects.


Turning the camera is incredibly painful, I have to right click more than 200+ times to make 1 loop of the easiest track D:
Except that problem it's pretty nice :)

Developer (2 edits) (+1)


Yes I know about the html5 vesrsion.

But The html5 version was created for people who cannot download and play the game on their computer. For example Windows XP users.

If you look at the description you can see that Html5 version requires mouse click.


You should try another platform version if you can, turning the camera is as easy as moving the mouse ;)