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Making RPGs resources

A topic by Gaia Fiorenza created 72 days ago Views: 172 Replies: 4
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Hi! This jam seems super cool and it's tickling my interest, however I've no experience in the making of tabletop RPGs.

Maybe some more navigated people in the genre could point me to good resources? Or perhaps a crowdforge page could be created, in case a team has open slots for collaboration.


Check out John R. Harness's Tips for Your First Game Jam

This doesn't seem to cover the making of a tabletop, only tips on how to participate in a first jam, which I don't quite need, but thank you regardless. :)


If you want a more instructional guide, here is an article on Medium:

Personally, I think the best way to learn how to write a TTRPG is to read them. There are many short TTRPGs on itch. Grant Howitt has many great one-page RPGs. You can also read the entries of 200 Word RPG Challenge for inspiration.

Thank you very much for the links.