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Cornelius vs. the Digestive System
Submitted by DatJuanDesigner (@DatJuanDesigner) — 2 hours, 1 minute before the deadline
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Theme inspiration
Have you ever noticed how we don't really fully digest certain things? Well, I have, specifically with corn. This is that story. A corn kernel passing its way through a good 'ol digestive system. Shout out to the Magic School Bus for the inspiration!

Sensory info
• Loud Noises - Audio levels were not properly adjusted

Content info
There are organs that are portrayed in a way that might gross some people out. The passages between the different parts of the digestive system.

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Funny game. I was able to recognize well where I was... I had no problem at all with controls and to complete the game.

For players who go into the wrong pipe at the beginning, you could add a strong push upward (nobody likes a cornelius in the lungs ahah)

nice !


Great idea! :D loved the concept, I'm sure your parents are proud of you :p jaja in all seriousness this concept really gets at the thee of passage in a creative manner and I love that about this!

One thing I will say, same as other people, was that that intro mouth part is pretty difficult and there is one reason that I think it might be interesting to look into. When the player character hits something it's almost impossible to come back from it, it would be nice to have some invincibility frames or if not that, a way to jump in mid-air after you've been hit (not right away of course but something to help you recover. I kept trying to pull off a recovery jump and was unable to maybe the time needed for one needs to be adjusted buy Im unsure. 

Either way, fine job on this one! :D


Love the art-style!


This was an interesting little game to play through! Nicely done.

I did get a little miffed at the slippy friction of your character. It makes sense in other levels, because insides be slippery, but not in the mouth level as much. Those physics made me spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to get inside...

Other than that, I really like this game. I'd love to see it in a store somewhere as a full game someday.


Hahahah really funny theme! I missed something more during gameplay BUT the spirit of the game hits it! Really nicely done! In the mouth part, I stuck for almost a minute trying to figure how to go inside...then I understood that I can jump mid air. As a player I would like to know that information before starting because I had the mindset of a "Mario" instead of a "FlappyBird" :p.  Also I got stuck in the stomach beign hurt by the white liquid and a corner and needed to restart. Anyway, great job! You can see the effort while playing the game!


Thanks a bunch for the feedback! I've gone ahead and added a note on the controls about how the jump action is like Flappy Bird! As for the stomach level, I definitely need to adjust the knock-back to shoot you UP and onto a platform, or make it insta-death, haha. Thanks for playing! :-)