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Thank you so much! Hope the video was helpful! :-) 

Thanks for checking it out! :-) 

Thank you for your kind feedback and for checking it out! :-) 

Thank you for playing, and for including this tip for other players! I hope to tweak a bit of the dialog to better guide folks on their first play-through, so thank you!

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Hey DevLever! 

Thank you for playing! Would you mind letting me know where you got stuck? I'm working on ways to better guide the player to follow the appropriate path that I intended, but I think I'm still missing a few pieces. I'll be uploading a new version with some tweaked dialog soon, but in the meantime, here is the path that I intended players to follow....(SPOILERS AHEAD

  • Step 1: As soon as the game starts, talk to Pollito (baby chick) on the top left part of the road (they're the closest character to the player when the game starts). They will tell you to say your goodbyes to everyone on that side of the road before you cross over. 

  • Step 2: When you talk to the Turtle they will count in Spanish to four, and tell you to be careful of the Cat. The goal with this instruction is that it will encourage the player to talk to the different numbers on the road, and save the cat for their last interaction when they finally get across to the other side.

  • Step 3: When you finally cross the road, after reading the four "Why did the chicken cross the road?" jokes and think the game is just kinda senseless or silly,  I want the first character that you talk to to be  Pato and go up the line so the last character that you speak with is the Cat.

  • Step 4: This is where the reveal happens and the Cat tells you (the chicken) that you don't belong on that side of the road. After the game's color palette changes, I want the player to retrace all of their steps, so that they end up where they started. This means talking to all the creatures, as well as the numbers in the road once again, which no longer have the same jokes in there anymore. 

I hope this clears things up a bit! If you have any additional questions or suggestions, I'd love to hear you out! Thanks for playing! 

This was great y'all! I lost my yellow and green puppers right away on my first play through, but was able to finish the demo with the blue and red ones! I got a little confused by the animations in the colored squares since it made me feel like I should button mash, when it wasn't the case for all the micro-games, but figured it out after a while. 

I can see how you can totally make this cute little experience into a library of awesome micro-games! I also think its an interesting approach on the UI side, since to me it seems like each puppy represents one of your lives. I also really liked the Street Fighter style continue screen. Overall the aesthetic and art style are awesome and I really enjoyed checking it out! Great job y'all! :-) 

Hey y'all, just wanted to ask what the theme for the back to school jam would be! 😊

Great little minotaur maze game! I wasn't able to figure out the diagonal movement, but still really enjoyed the custom sound effects and gameplay. One suggestion I do have is that for those really LONG passage ways it might be good to add a bit of variety to your tiles, since it will help show the player that they are actually moving and that their game did not freeze. Great job overall! 

This was great! I'm a Game UI/UX Designer and definitely had a good laugh playing your game. I've also had a somewhat similar idea to this concept in the works, so seeing your project was really inspirational. Super awesome!

I love the art style of the game, as well as your power being connected to taking in light! I got stuck on the part with the mirror(?) on the top right corner, since it seemed that my power couldn't reach it. Great game for sure! :-) 

¡Jajaja, muchas gracias! :-) 

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! I've gone ahead and added a note on the controls about how the jump action is like Flappy Bird! As for the stomach level, I definitely need to adjust the knock-back to shoot you UP and onto a platform, or make it insta-death, haha. Thanks for playing! :-)