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A jam submission

I wanna be the GUIView game page

Submitted by Joqlepecheur (@joqlepecheur) — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline
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I wanna be the GUI's page

Theme inspiration
The rite of passage from beginner GUI to grown GUI

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Very innovative and fun concept, definitely one of my favourite games from this jam. Great job!


This was great! I'm a Game UI/UX Designer and definitely had a good laugh playing your game. I've also had a somewhat similar idea to this concept in the works, so seeing your project was really inspirational. Super awesome!


This game was fantastic! Although short, I think you were able to convey an original concept and the mechanics really carried that through. The art style was cute and appropriate, and the characters (GUI) and challenges were enjoyable. Great work!


Very original idea! I liked the fact that you could make choices in non obvious ways. Cool aesthetics too!


Great ending and a cool and funny concept!


It so cool to see what can be done with this idea, I think that if you can think of a greater story, this could be a start for a much bigger project, it was really fun to play!


Really loved how this all wrapped up at the end. What felt like a meager platformer turned into a really cool grading of players abilities in previous challenges!


I just loved this game, too bad that i will forever be traped with the others errors gui 


You are not trapped, only the diegetic gui you took control of. there is a 'good' ending also ;) thanks for the sweet comment 


I can't believe you made me feel sad for a couple of dialogue boxes...

Amazing work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Hahaha that's gotta be the best title in this jam :D
Great idea and well executed!
Stay funky,


I really liked this one and the idea of you being the game in a sense. Would almost like further content where you were a GUI in other games.