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This was great y'all! I lost my yellow and green puppers right away on my first play through, but was able to finish the demo with the blue and red ones! I got a little confused by the animations in the colored squares since it made me feel like I should button mash, when it wasn't the case for all the micro-games, but figured it out after a while. 

I can see how you can totally make this cute little experience into a library of awesome micro-games! I also think its an interesting approach on the UI side, since to me it seems like each puppy represents one of your lives. I also really liked the Street Fighter style continue screen. Overall the aesthetic and art style are awesome and I really enjoyed checking it out! Great job y'all! :-) 

Thanks so much, Juan!!! Super cool feedback. 

Yeah, I'll definitely play with the animations as soon as the voting period is over. That's really valuable.