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Hey Henry, thank you for commenting! With regards to the non-functioning "first level" yeah it was all working and in the last minutes I needed to adjust something and then that broke the build on that end :( but it's all good! :) At the moment I'm cleaning up my code to make it easier to come back to these systems and I hope to extend the project  a little bit more!

Thank you again!

I enjoyed playing your game! :D The shooting to move idea is something I really enjoy in games and with this one I found it interesting that shooting enemies in this game meant that you might be pushed back far enough to get hit by the spike balls which was a good way to keep the spike bar in play as a danger for the player. At times, this felt unfair to me until I found how dashing worked. I was playing on a laptop not using a mouse and that made it difficult to do the right click and also get the pointer on the opposite end of the screen in order to not dash into the spike bar. I did end up getting further than I expected on my last run!

I found myself being punished by "dodging" a lot of enemies because they would be homing on me constantly so any enemies I would pass by would end up as a hindrance later which trapped me when the enemies took longer to defeat.

Thank you for submitting to the game jam, I would love to see more if you plan to expand on this idea! :D

Yo! This game is awesome! :D  It such a small and contained room but with a lot going on under the hood! :D The room evolving overtime kept that space alive and made every object a possibility to find something new! One of my favorite moments was when you used that shader to show 2 different versions of the same room! I have been trying to do that and it just never really fit narratively in my games. I think that if you were to expand on this project, it would awesome to have that lens being used a little more :)

I did have trouble with placing objects where they needed to be and felt that it distracted me when the candle I was holding would be flying all over the place (although at times it added to the demon stuff :P)

I hope that you do plan to expand on this and if you do, I would love to give it another go!

Great idea! :D loved the concept, I'm sure your parents are proud of you :p jaja in all seriousness this concept really gets at the thee of passage in a creative manner and I love that about this!

One thing I will say, same as other people, was that that intro mouth part is pretty difficult and there is one reason that I think it might be interesting to look into. When the player character hits something it's almost impossible to come back from it, it would be nice to have some invincibility frames or if not that, a way to jump in mid-air after you've been hit (not right away of course but something to help you recover. I kept trying to pull off a recovery jump and was unable to maybe the time needed for one needs to be adjusted buy Im unsure. 

Either way, fine job on this one! :D

Awesome! Thank you NickTheSic! Will definitely add sound effects next as well as some sort of control scheme display! :D

The inspiration was brief but I kept thinking Titan Souls and how good it felt to shoot and pull back that arrow. And actually if you go to the enemy that shoots missiles if you click you can use the shields from the first boss,  sort of an homage to the MegaMan series jaja totally forgot to mention that. Is there anything you think didn't work too well or anything specific you wpuld want after playing it? 

Hey Space Bandit Studio,  would it be possible to make a mac build of Kleptonaut I want to play,  but only have a Mac available the majority of the time :(