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The HallwayView game page

Submitted by Ellie Samson (@Toestee)
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The Hallway's page

Theme inspiration
I thought of passage in the both the literal sense, as a passageway, and as the passage of time

Sensory info
Sounds may be loud, I didn't mix audio well

Content info
Uhh... Demon Stuff

Extra Credit Challenges

Extra Zoey

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Yo! This game is awesome! :D  It such a small and contained room but with a lot going on under the hood! :D The room evolving overtime kept that space alive and made every object a possibility to find something new! One of my favorite moments was when you used that shader to show 2 different versions of the same room! I have been trying to do that and it just never really fit narratively in my games. I think that if you were to expand on this project, it would awesome to have that lens being used a little more :)

I did have trouble with placing objects where they needed to be and felt that it distracted me when the candle I was holding would be flying all over the place (although at times it added to the demon stuff :P)

I hope that you do plan to expand on this and if you do, I would love to give it another go!

Submitted (1 edit)

Wow I didn't expect this game to be so good.It's really imaginative.It's so imaginative that even though the last safe puzzle was bugged,I spent about 20 minutes solving it.

Really liked the whole design of the demon,and the various puzzles

Spoilers for game:

:but the number for the safe is 328.(even though it says 439 on the plant)


I should have put an indicator line on the safe, it's the middle row, you were looking at the top row.