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Ellie Samson

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HI, I just uploaded one, please check my devlog for the link :)

The perspective shift was really unique, felt like a really good way to get to know Charon as a character, by becoming them. I would really like to explore more of Charon's stories.

I've had to upload it to Google Drive, cause I can't upload more files while the jam is still locked, here's a link,

Hope it all works OK.

I really enjoyed the writing, it was fun exploring all the different paths. I felt really bad when I tried eating the Zoog just to see what would happen, I don't think I was expecting it to be that violent, despite the warning. I would love to see this sort of experience explored in more detail or with longer potential paths.

I should have put an indicator line on the safe, it's the middle row, you were looking at the top row.

How the hell did you find this?