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MAG: Machines Assault Gem's Necessary Embryonic TanksView game page

Tower Defense + Magnetism? Crystal-storage for embryos? A robot uprising?!?
Submitted by kettek (@kts_kettek), liqMix — 1 minute, 57 seconds before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#103.8254.417

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Congratulations! Very good game. I'm stuck in the last wave of the third level, but I'll probably try to pass it again. I would love to see the game on Steam!


Wow, this is such a big game, I'm seriously impressed you built so much content and so many mechanics in two weeks... AND added networked play on top of everything. I'm glad it's open source, I really want to read the net play code. I ❤️ tower defense games, and this was really fun to play.


Very complete, I enjoyed it! I really enjoy building walls and letting the enemy take a walk around my turret which does a lot of damage!

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

I love the concept and the interpretation of the theme! I also love the retro pixel graphics.

The rule was a little complicated (e.g. what does the magnet-gun color mean?), but the game was very challenging and interesting. Good job!

I reached the fifth wave but failed to beat...! I'm not used to this type of game, but I was very satisfied.


I loved the concept, great theme interpretation, it requires some brain rewiring at first, and then it's 200% fun
I especially enjoyed the fact that there is an active part to it, as shooting manually with the main character, this allows the player to do some savings for the first waves, to set up a bigger plan

The balancing is really hard in this kind of game, and you managed to do it well, it was not too easy, not too hard (I'd say still a bit hard probably, but it's fine once you get used to the core mechanics)
Obviously, we quickly figure a "meta" like small turrets are really cost-efficient because they help in early waves and also act as walls
The polarizer is a really interesting turret, but I only used it (with walls) in the last level/last wave to alter the pathing+give a use to projectiles shot by the other side, otherwise it was complicated to find it a use

Random suggestion you might have thought of already (if you intend to update) was that:
Neutral basic attack was just an extra input to me, since it's slower I'd just press <tab> twice to get the right one, so I would have removed it probably (I figured out after that I could have put two polarizers close to each other, and rotate around them, spamming some neutral shot)

I think my favorite one after the last one (which allowed me to try every turret) was "Broken compass" (2) (I had to make the pathing really complex)

So great game for such amount of time (it looks well-designed in terms of code, you even implemented network), without any politeness I would definitely play more!

Good job @liqMix on art, and @Amaruuk (?) on the 3D art also :)


Very well done and polished game. Tower defense games are always fun, and this one is no exception. At first I thought I couldn’t build on the paths. Once I realized I could change the paths where creeps walk, the game took on a new dimension of strategy. The pathfinding for building things is a little broken, but that’s not much of an issue. It’s awesome to see that you were even able to include support for network play. Nice work!


Thanks for the input. If I had more time, I would've liked to give more hints or some better visual indicator for the paths' malleability.

How exactly is the pathfinding for building things broken? I never experienced any issue, as it only denies placement for paths that would block enemies' paths to the crystal (perhaps it was this? Also was not explained in-game)


Pretty thoughtful strategy, stuck for a couple of hours.