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Thanks for the input. If I had more time, I would've liked to give more hints or some better visual indicator for the paths' malleability.

How exactly is the pathfinding for building things broken? I never experienced any issue, as it only denies placement for paths that would block enemies' paths to the crystal (perhaps it was this? Also was not explained in-game)

Sure! I have no proper streaming scheduling, however I'll do so when I find the time @

Ah, okay, I was unaware of that, although I should've realized it would at least need those assets to even run -- thanks for the info.

Awesome, thank you.

Great, glad to hear it!

Thanks a lot for this. I'll give it a try with my current project so I'll at least have something to catch my user errors.

I'm in the habit with quake-style consoles in general to have the console immediately begin receiving keypresses on activation rather than waiting for the slide/fade-in effect to complete. I think that if the view is already becoming obscured it makes more sense to redirect input at the same time as you can't really see what your input is effecting anymore anyhow.

This is quite heavily due to my unfamiliarity with ruby, but the lack of helpful error messages is killing me. Using an incorrect operator or bogus if check should not result in errors like "stack level too deep" or the even worse nil thrashing error that tells me absolutely nothing about where it is coming from.

I am very much doubtful of the "(yet professional grade)" statement on the tool's page, as it feels a far throw from that. Professional grade does not leave you feeling SOL when a simple syntax error occurs.

Further verification shows that it is fine if I simply symlink to the dragonruby programs in their unarchived directory rather than copying them elsewhere.

This thread, it seems, should be ignored.

Hmm, this might be a separate issue, as it is working if I run dragonruby from its unarchived directory. I had copied it to my local binary PATH, but that seems to be problematic.

Running on Arch Linux and got the above error. Tried to simply link it to my system libudev with `ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/` but that only resulted in `Couldn't create game context: Failed loading udev_device_get_action: dragonruby: undefined symbol: _udev_device_get_action`.

What version of libudev is the Linux binary linked against?

I'd be interested in a de-obfuscated version of Facetious Puzzle. :}

Sweet. I'm certainly going to both break down and comment the minified/obfuscated version as well as rewrite some of the structures to be more traditional for explanation's sake.

Hah, very interesting encoding going on in the original post -- hadn't thought of doing that. Nice job on the 250 bytes update, tho!

You can either play on the project page or just copy and paste the provided code into the browser developer console. :}