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Test Failed : Rebooting RoomView game page

You wake up in a closed room. Outside the window, a game await 4 others victims. Only you can guide them to freedom.
Submitted by Popanoel, SdeMatos — 2 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline

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Test Failed : Rebooting Room's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creative Gameplay#23.8333.833
Theme Adaptation#44.1674.167
Stimulating Audio#63.6673.667
Immersive Visuals#63.6673.667

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Popanoel as "the Programmer", SdeMatos as "the Artist"

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A great creative game that took me way too long to figure out, but it's just me overcomplicating everything. It a nice easy-going point and click game. I will make my friends play it and see howlong it takes them to figure it out. 5 stars for me!


Thank you so much! We're really glad you enjoyed it! We really aim to make our next game clearer the player doesn't have to fight the interface to play! 


A nice creative take on the 'one room' concept. The rotate feature felt fitting for the theme. A highlight for me were the separate personalities for the characters and their interactions with the player,  ["Darling, snap out of it. we can't use it"] they help immerse you in the world. It didn't take me too long to figure out what i needed to do however the fading green arrows weren't to obvious forefront.


Thank you a lot! Yes, we definitetly have to work on how to let the player know clearly what he can interact with and what are his possibilities , it's a recurring problem for our players. We already have some fixes in mind for a number of issues and we're absolutely going to learn from that experience for our future projects!


Great depth of characters. With a short game would have been helpful if it was a little shorter, but it was darn entertaining!! 

I would have spent a little less time figuring out what to do in the first room if the arrows were on the screen, maybe faded out, so I knew my goal was to go one direction or the other.

Fun stuff, THANKS!


Thanks a bunch for your comment! Yeah, i got a bit carried away with the characters' files hahaha! And the faded out arrows are a great idea, we're definitely going to had that in after the game jam! 


A nice point and click game that reminds me of the Flash games era. We all played a point and click game at some point in our life ;)

The fact that you could rotate the testroom gave you more room (pun intended!) for interaction. So props to you!

Apart from the 'test failed' message even if you won, I found no bug at all so that's great.

I think that introducing the characters at the start of the game could help you understand their strength faster. I didn't read their description so I ended up randomly interacting with things until it worked. But after reading their description, everything made sense!

Other than that, good job Popanoel and SdeMatos I can't wait to see your next project :)


Thank you so much for your feedback!It means a lot to us! It's our first duo game, and I must say we're pretty proud of it! We'll definitely enter the next jam! :P 


Is there a way to "Win?" 


I've tried doing the ending with each one of the people in the room, and then with nobody. test failed every time. What else can be done?


Oh, I forgot to change these. They should read : " Test Completed...  " I'll fix it after the jam. Thanks you for letting us know!