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This game is the definition of a game you have a goal set out for you and obstacles halting your progression form accomplishing said goal. The game is tense with these moments of decision making where you have to sacrifice door health for progress on your car. I think it was well thought out. The shooting mechanic is a bit weird at first though otherwise the game is fun.

A nice creative take on the 'one room' concept. The rotate feature felt fitting for the theme. A highlight for me were the separate personalities for the characters and their interactions with the player,  ["Darling, snap out of it. we can't use it"] they help immerse you in the world. It didn't take me too long to figure out what i needed to do however the fading green arrows weren't to obvious forefront.

This game is so enjoyable with its music and simple polygonal art. It was a blast to play through for it's multiple endings and the concept was very creative. I really would've liked to shoot the foam bullets and make my own paths but the game's fun nonetheless!

This game has such a pleasing aesthetic i'd love seeing it fleshed out after the jam. The gameplay was a tad confusing at first but once you get the hang of it its really fun!

Im too stupid