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A nice point and click game that reminds me of the Flash games era. We all played a point and click game at some point in our life ;)

The fact that you could rotate the testroom gave you more room (pun intended!) for interaction. So props to you!

Apart from the 'test failed' message even if you won, I found no bug at all so that's great.

I think that introducing the characters at the start of the game could help you understand their strength faster. I didn't read their description so I ended up randomly interacting with things until it worked. But after reading their description, everything made sense!

Other than that, good job Popanoel and SdeMatos I can't wait to see your next project :)

Thank you so much for your feedback!It means a lot to us! It's our first duo game, and I must say we're pretty proud of it! We'll definitely enter the next jam! :P