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Raffile published a game 16 days ago
A downloadable game for Windows.
This is Jack Bones Shards of Memory. A game created by brothers, soul creation was for the game jam Crowntober. We use the Byond engine to create it thus you will need to download said engine to play it (Asking Lummox for a stand alone laun...
WitheringCrown published a game 17 days ago
A downloadable game.
Made in a Month for the Crowntober Game Jam. Fight your way through Limbo, the first circle of hell and defeat Beelzebub to escape your prison! CONTROLS: WASD : move LMB: Shoot
Plasma Spade published a game 22 days ago
A downloadable game.
This game was created with RPG Maker MV for the Crowntober game jam. This is actually one of my first games that I've made and I'm really proud of this project and the inspiration was the Pumpking from Terraria. Most of the art was created...
lythande updated a RPG 27 days ago
A browser RPG made in HTML5.
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lythande published a RPG 30 days ago
A browser RPG made in HTML5.
A little RPG for Halloween. The game is a prototype and there may be bugs. Several updates will be made to create a complete game. Take a trip to Horror City! 😈 Help a wounded girl from the city of Horror City defeat the dragon. Support...
DEMBERG published a game 38 days ago
A downloadable game.
About Do you remember that guy from that video game, who jumps from buildings, but he's not sure if he will land safely? Well, the guy in this game will not land safely .. Enjoy! Instructions Move to the right and to the left in order to a...