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Looking For Team Thread!

A topic by CollegeGameJam created Jan 30, 2021 Views: 969 Replies: 11
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Post your information in this thread if you're looking for jam teammates! (You can also check out our Discord.) 

Two potential templates for your post are provided below. Feel free to add/remove any information as you see fit.

If you already have a team/an idea for your game: 

  • Your name (or names, if you already have some teammates)
  • Roles of each existing team member
  • Short description of your game (if applicable)
  • Engine you're planning to develop in (if applicable)
  • Role(s)/skills you are seeking
  • How to contact you (email, Discord username, Twitter username, etc.)

If you're looking to join a team:

  • Your name
  • Your potential role(s)
  • Portfolio (if applicable) OR short description of your experience level
  • Anything else you'd want a potential team to know about you
  • How to contact you (email, Discord username, Twitter username, etc.)

If you'd like to reach out to someone who posted in this thread, do it through their listed contact method, not this thread! This is so team-seeking comments won't get lost/buried.


Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and this is my first game jam, and I am mostly a beginner. I've used Unity before a couple times but am just getting started in game development. I am on the Discord server, and am open to any game ideas and whatever! You can message me at racheletc#1212 or DM me on Twitter at @therachelplan


Hey guys! I'm looking for other people that might be interested in making a Unity, Pico-8, or Twine game. You can see some of the stuff I've worked on here. I do a bit of everything, programming, art, writing, and am open to ideas.

Hi guys, I am a Junior in IT college looking for a group!

  • Your name - Ken
  • Your potential role(s) - Programmer / Sound / Anything :D
  • Portfolio (if applicable) OR short description of your experience level - Have done a couple game jams and played with unity before for a school project
  • Anything else you'd want a potential team to know about you - Hello !
  • How to contact you (email, Discord username, Twitter username, etc.)  - Message me Sekken 石鹸#5630


*Artist idk

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I am studying audio production at the Evergreen State College and looking to join a team.

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Hi everyone! I’m a game composer and I also make SFX. I’m hoping to join a team and make a high quality game, so feel free to HMU!

This will be my first game jam, but I'd be happy to work on a team. I've been learning Unity for a couple of months, so far.  Message me on Discord if you want to work together. McMuffin7#6848


Hello, I'm Frances! I study Library and Information Science (graduating soon, hopefully!), and game dev is my favorite hobby. 

I can do the following:

  • Programming in Godot Engine
  • Basic 2D and 3D Art
  • Basic Music and Sound Effects

I've made small jam games before and I love joining game jams! I don't have a portfolio but if you like you can check out my page!

I'm looking forward to working with people!

Contact me on Discord if you want to jam together: hellohello#0302

Hi all, my name is Curtis Smith!

I'm a student at the Center for Art and Technology in BC. I'm taking Digital Music Production and am looking to score and sound design games! The link below is to a post on linked in for a video game trailer I rescored for school as well as my sound cloud with my different class projects on there.

I can be contacted on discord: snowrider04#5426

This is also my first Jam, but I'd love to be involved sonically in your game!

Hello Im Ryug (pronounced as reeuga) I am a 3D modeler, I know a little bit about Rigging and texturing. I have some experience in Unity. I would be glad to help in the 3D models. 

You can contact me on discord if you want to see some of my models: RyugEvil#9292

This would be my first Jam somehow but I would be happy to help

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Hi my name is Dylin I make video games and Blender Add-ons