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This was great. I loved all the little details, like the rat king. Also, not gonna lie, when the “make me laugh” theme was announced, the first thing I thought was “fart sounds.” Kudos to you! :D

Так, це нагадує мені проект, над яким я працював раніше. Я можу поділитися через Discord, якщо хочеш @rosko.vair

привіт! приємно зустрітися з вами тут. Я люблю писати музику для візуальних романів. Ось кілька прикладів, над якими я працював раніше:



Ви можете надіслати мені повідомлення на Discord: @rosko.vair Я сподіваюся приєднатися до чудового проекту! здоров’я!

I didn’t really this was only for TTRPGs, although I have actually composed a soundtrack for my D&D group before!

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This is rad. I’d love to work on a project for this jam. I have worked in a lot of styles, check it out:

I am rosko.vair on Discord, feel free to DM me

I thought I was hot stuff cuz I got a score of 2900, nice! And thank you, we had fun making this game!!

Fun little game. For some reason I couldn’t go past level 1. The enemies just stopped coming. I’m on a Mac, so that could be the issue.

haha I got lucky and had two sets of 3 that each repeated.

This is adorable, and the rotating buttons were an extra challenge. I like the background. I got to level 16! Thanks for sharing this fun game and for making a web build!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it. Feel free to connect with me on YouTube–I post most of my work there.

I think it’s really cool! I love how you did so much with just 3 colors and simple lines and fills.

Love the colors and shadows. This is cool!

Thank you, kind person! I will do that.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Hi, thanks for your message and I’m glad you like the music. I’m not familiar with AO3, and I don’t know what it means to “use” something on AO3. It’s okay to use this in a project and publish your project wherever you want, and I appreciate being given credit, but I’m not interested in distributing the music itself outside of or having others distribute it to any other websites on my behalf.

Your friend can message me on discord rosko#3445 if they want to talk about it. Thanks for listening and for asking!

This was a fun game! It took me 4 tries but I finally won (by one electoral vote). The gameplay is really smooth, and there are nice elements of humor and strategy in this game.

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I had really hoped to play this game when I saw it on the twitch stream. Unfortunately I only have a Mac. Please let me know if you end up making either a web build or a Mac build! Cheers!

This was a cool little game. I really liked the characters, the environment art, and the interface–simple little details really gave it a lot of character. The music was great, too. I was interested in the story and really intrigued. I was hoping to make it to that sweet library, but I was never able to complete the guitar quest (also Greg didn’t really help me at all lol). I kept wandering around until eventually something seemed to glitch and when I re-entered the main room, the camera was just centered and any input was no longer recognized. There seemed to be a glitch with Taylor’s placement and being able to talk to that character. Anyway I would love to play this game some more if you all update it.

Learning “is fun” ;)

This was an awesome idea, and I enjoyed the short journey. There were a number of clues that either I couldn’t figure out or went nowhere (likely the former). I wasn’t sure about the “use intuition” direction in the tutorial since each entry appears to have only one hyperlink and it’s underlined. I enjoy puzzles like this one and I’d like to play it again in the future if you develop it further.

I really enjoyed the artwork and the music was really nice. The voice acting added a nice touch, too. The battle concept was fun–I would love to play a more fleshed-out version of it. I wasn’t really sure what was happening with the skater but I think putting Rue in that role is what won many of the matches for me. lol Great game!

Love the visual and the audio elements!

A rockin’ desert village! 🤘

Thank you, Lowlande52! This project really brought me a lot of joy.

And I have plans to work with this same Mr. Satriani on another project I’m working on which you may have heard of… ;) Stay tuned.

It looks like the problem is it brings up a pop-up window to switch to Halloween mode. I thought that was a game feature so I clicked on it the first time. I never heard of so I was indeed worried; good to know it isn’t a concern.

Thank you for making a Mac version!

I noticed how the music jumped back in time when you undid a move–that was pretty cool. The one thing I could not figure out was what determined whether the rope would go over or under. I’m not sure if it was random or if there was a secret I couldn’t figure out, but there were definitely instances when I was just laying the rope on top of itself instead of tying knots. This game seems super polished, though! Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, traditional Arabic music uses microtones (the out-of-tune stuff). You can actually hear some of that in the oud playing, especially the improv solo in the last 30 seconds of the track. But by and large the composition sticks to the western system of 12 semitones. Thanks for listening!

I’m glad you liked it! I worked with really great performers on this, so I hope you enjoy their playing!

Growing up I listened a lot to Cheb Khaled. He comes from Algeria and sings in Arabic and French. “Didi” is a classic of his from the 90s. For more modern stuff, I recommend Mario Karam who comes from Morocco, and Mia Haddad who comes from Lebanon. They are both pop artists with very clear, expressive voices. I could listen all day. And thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

Thank you!! I hope I get to collab with you on a project again soon.

Yay! This was a very fun game, I felt it was just the right amount of challenge and complexity. I would love to play more of these. I enjoyed the writing style quite a bit and there were so many options to explore. Thanks for making it; I hope you make more!

Uhh the game turned into a dashboard for a website…? I don’t know what that was about but I wasn’t able to play. Did you upload this to for the jam?

This was interesting, not the kind of game I typically play so take my feedback with a grain of salt, but the danger of the narrow beam of visibility and having to vigilantly look around yourself at all times was really anxiety-provoking (in a good way, it seems to be a thriller game, right?). I wasn’t really sure what was happening in terms of my objective. Did I just want to shoot as many as I possibly could before dawn? Anyway, really cool and it’s cool you are rebuilding this in a whole new engine–sounds like a massive project but it is looking and playing great already.

This was a nice game. It would be cool to switch up the enemies’ paths, speeds, etc., but I thought it was very well put together and the graphics and VFX were really amazing. Very fun phone game (I played it on desktop, tho).

SO MANY CROWS :sob: :sob: :sob: I made it to 1:37 and felt accomplished about that. What was the ammo? It looked like you were collecting water from a pail and shooting water bullets? It was fun but eventually you have a million crows going after one pumpkin lol. Thanks for sharing this nice lil game!

I really enjoyed playing this game through. The SFX and music were nice, and the graphics were great. The gameplay was cool and the level design was especially good. Lots of different puzzles and traps to think your way out of. Thanks for sharing it!

Wow I also thought of Uninvited for some reason! Love it.

This is not the kind of game that I am good at. I found it hard to control the camera and move and aim and dodge and shoot simultaneously. So I died a LOT but I loved the soundtrack and the graphics and there were some fun little details. I’m sure if I’d been able to get past the first wave I would have gotten more of those little details, too! If I could suggest anything for simpletons like me it would be a training mode or more generous aim box or something. Great work, though!

This was a fun game to play. I wasn’t sure what to do with the cows when I got them. Eventually I kept dying or killing the cows lol. But I managed to collect plenty of my alien friends! Fun vibes, thanks for sharing this!

Love the retro CRT screen, the different gun styles you added, and the SFX/music. Great job!

Just FYI I tried to play this game in Chrome twice and both times it caused Google Chrome to freeze permanently. :( I’m on a Mac. I did not rate.