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Can’t stop playing this game! :)

I like the challenge, but I also didn’t know how to beat the challenge lol. But from the parts I was able to handle, it was a fun game overall. I like how you just jump right into it and go.

Is it just me, or is there sometimes a glitch when trying to drop from one platform to a lower one?

The graphics are really nice and seem to be very exactingly stylized. I can guess that a lot of time and care went into each sprite.

Also, big kudos: this web-build worked for me in Safari!

Happy Halloween!

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Looks like a fun game! I tried hosting but when I hit “Start Game,” sadly it would freeze (using Chrome on Mac).

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What a fun game! Loved the chill music and satisfying sound effects! Very cute and colorful graphics. The mechanics were aggravating at first because they weren’t precise like Tetris, and then I realized I got better if I didn’t try to be so precise and started thinking in different terms. I appreciated that you would get a four-in-a-row as long as they were almost touching. I scored 5290!

If I had to suggest any features I’d like to see, it would be to start with fewer candy varieties.

Thanks for sharing this fun game, and happy Halloween!


and I thought those little strawberry candies couldn’t get any worse.

loved the doorbells and the music was great! perfect vibe for this game. I only wished there were more neighbors to “meat.” cute, disgusting game.

It was so much fun to watch the progression of enemies and weapons. Very fun to play. Happy Halloween!

This game was very spoopy! It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but I eventually got everyone to crowd around the bottom of the lower center room, and then I won! I don’t think I ever got to snare anybody–tried a few times, but never seemed to get that to work. The music fits the mood perfectly, too! Nice job overall.

Scary music!! And creepy story. It’s unfortunate the game got lost–hopefully it can be recovered and shared later!

It’s the friends you make along the way.

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Kia ora from the United States! I am not knowledgeable about Maori, but I am a strong supporter of linguistic diversity and promotion of endangered languages.

I’m a music composer/sound designer and would be happy to provide BGM/SFX for games for this jam.

Click here to see my creator page with all my past projects. If you’re interested in working together, just send me a message! Can’t wait to see the games everyone creates!

Got this error message. :( 

Sometimes Mac builds still don't work for me, but I'd def try it!

Then you automatically win! lol

Is there a web build? I'm on a Mac 


Can't wait to see the submissions!

My friend back home has an otamatone but that's like over 1,000 miles away. Wish I was jamming with you all on this one!

Awesome idea for a game. I wish I'd read the instructions sooner. I was at like 215000 when I read about what the liftoff spell does, and by that point the graphics were so taxing on my system I could barely control anything and the audio was not doing anything intelligible anymore. I restarted the game and must have completed like 20 of the objective, but didn't have the patience to keep it going beyond that cuz by that point my system started getting taxed again. Really cool stuff, though! I loved the creativity that went into the art design. And with the exception of the number of the core objective you needed to move on to the next step,  I thought it was really well balanced in terms of being able to locate objectives but still having to hunt. Nice work!

I loved the art style and the gameplay! The pitter patter of opossum and raccoon feet running around at the same time was too cute.

I... I got the big food....





...nothing happened.

And now it all makes sense.

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Hey, Norbez! You are SO AMAZING. You remind me that there is a lot of love in the world, and there are a lot of good people. Your voice in this piece is wise, warm, encouraging, and most of all honest... Thank you for creating this heartfelt and sincere resource.

Hooray! The winner is me! Thanks for the update. This was a cool puzzle game. The time reversal mechanic was interesting. The way it interacted with objects made me problem-solve in interesting ways. Very cool! 

I know it isn't necessary for anything, but it's something I wanted to do especially since I don't have accounts on those other sites. Thanks for letting me know it's disabled. 

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On the edit profile screen, I click "Connected accounts" under the MISC tab.

I click "Sign in with YouTube."

I select my Google login and sign in.

Then I get this message:

This happens no matter what browser I use.

I am wondering how have other people been able to get their YouTube accounts linked to their pages?

Also, I did check Google settings and cannot find anything related to this.



The story and the layout for this game were really impressive. Very calming and relaxing. It was cool how getting the relic transformed the world. Gave a new perspective, nice work!

This is a cool game. I liked the sound effects, and the visuals were really great. I wished that the W key was jump instead of space bar.  Other than that, gameplay was interesting and had a nice variety of puzzles and combat.

Whoops forgot about that. Here you go.

Wow great job on this game! The story is well crafted, and the puzzles are very challenging but in a good way. The interactive music was cool (if a bit repetitive), and the visuals are really fantastic. Nice work!

Nice work. This game was cute. 


Happy I was able to get the old lady her painting back. :)

forgot to attach screenshot

This was great! At first I was a little overwhelmed with too many gameplay options, but I figured it out eventually. Great game! Unfortunately the final boss glitched on me (see screenshot). I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Very cool. I liked the art style, and the game design was great for the theme of the jam. I wish there were more levels. Nice game.

What a creative idea for a game! Very cool, I've never seen a game quite like that before. Great use of the time control theme. Some easier levels to start up with would have been nice. I felt like I never really got a chance to get a feel for the intensity of the meter and how to control it well.

Tip to anyone playing this game: use the ARROW KEYS (not WASD) to move around.

I found 2 of the gears, but I wasn't really able to tell what was going on. I think it was hard because every screen looked almost identical. Some visual variety might have helped with communicating what was happening. I think every room is supposed to represent a different year? I couldn't quite tell. Anyway, it's a cool idea. With some more polishing, I think it can be even better. Keep it up!

Whew that was a tough one... couldn't make it through the first level. IT was kind of frustrating every time you died you had to wait through a loading screen and also switch from keyboard to mouse to restart the level... wouldn't be a big deal except dying was veryyyy frequent lol

I thought the artwork was really cool! Very unique style. And the audio was good, too. Nice work!

Nice game! It took me a while to figure out how to use the teleporter and not get trapped at the end of the level. I felt like it was a good balance of difficulty and fun. Cool music and nice visuals, too.

This was a cool little educational game. I liked the graphics a lot. Very impressive. And even though I don't understand what these things are, I was able to complete the circuit, so I felt accomplished lol. A lot of the text was insanely tiny, like maybe a 5 pt font? And I sometimes ran into some trouble when the picture covered up the menus and made it hard to select. I'm attaching a screenshot just for reference. I was using Chrome on a Mac. Anyway nice work overall!

Thanks! if you do, just reply to this message and I'll get a notification and come check it out.

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Thank you! 😻

Thanks! I enjoyed playing you all's game as well!