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Love the visual and the audio elements!

A rockin’ desert village! 🤘

Thank you, Lowlande52! This project really brought me a lot of joy.

And I have plans to work with this same Mr. Satriani on another project I’m working on which you may have heard of… ;) Stay tuned.

It looks like the problem is it brings up a pop-up window to switch to Halloween mode. I thought that was a game feature so I clicked on it the first time. I never heard of so I was indeed worried; good to know it isn’t a concern.

Thank you for making a Mac version!

I noticed how the music jumped back in time when you undid a move–that was pretty cool. The one thing I could not figure out was what determined whether the rope would go over or under. I’m not sure if it was random or if there was a secret I couldn’t figure out, but there were definitely instances when I was just laying the rope on top of itself instead of tying knots. This game seems super polished, though! Thanks for sharing.

Yeah, traditional Arabic music uses microtones (the out-of-tune stuff). You can actually hear some of that in the oud playing, especially the improv solo in the last 30 seconds of the track. But by and large the composition sticks to the western system of 12 semitones. Thanks for listening!

I’m glad you liked it! I worked with really great performers on this, so I hope you enjoy their playing!

Growing up I listened a lot to Cheb Khaled. He comes from Algeria and sings in Arabic and French. “Didi” is a classic of his from the 90s. For more modern stuff, I recommend Mario Karam who comes from Morocco, and Mia Haddad who comes from Lebanon. They are both pop artists with very clear, expressive voices. I could listen all day. And thanks, I’m glad you liked it!

Thank you!! I hope I get to collab with you on a project again soon.

Yay! This was a very fun game, I felt it was just the right amount of challenge and complexity. I would love to play more of these. I enjoyed the writing style quite a bit and there were so many options to explore. Thanks for making it; I hope you make more!

Uhh the game turned into a dashboard for a website…? I don’t know what that was about but I wasn’t able to play. Did you upload this to for the jam?

This was interesting, not the kind of game I typically play so take my feedback with a grain of salt, but the danger of the narrow beam of visibility and having to vigilantly look around yourself at all times was really anxiety-provoking (in a good way, it seems to be a thriller game, right?). I wasn’t really sure what was happening in terms of my objective. Did I just want to shoot as many as I possibly could before dawn? Anyway, really cool and it’s cool you are rebuilding this in a whole new engine–sounds like a massive project but it is looking and playing great already.

This was a nice game. It would be cool to switch up the enemies’ paths, speeds, etc., but I thought it was very well put together and the graphics and VFX were really amazing. Very fun phone game (I played it on desktop, tho).

SO MANY CROWS :sob: :sob: :sob: I made it to 1:37 and felt accomplished about that. What was the ammo? It looked like you were collecting water from a pail and shooting water bullets? It was fun but eventually you have a million crows going after one pumpkin lol. Thanks for sharing this nice lil game!

I really enjoyed playing this game through. The SFX and music were nice, and the graphics were great. The gameplay was cool and the level design was especially good. Lots of different puzzles and traps to think your way out of. Thanks for sharing it!

Wow I also thought of Uninvited for some reason! Love it.

This is not the kind of game that I am good at. I found it hard to control the camera and move and aim and dodge and shoot simultaneously. So I died a LOT but I loved the soundtrack and the graphics and there were some fun little details. I’m sure if I’d been able to get past the first wave I would have gotten more of those little details, too! If I could suggest anything for simpletons like me it would be a training mode or more generous aim box or something. Great work, though!

This was a fun game to play. I wasn’t sure what to do with the cows when I got them. Eventually I kept dying or killing the cows lol. But I managed to collect plenty of my alien friends! Fun vibes, thanks for sharing this!

Love the retro CRT screen, the different gun styles you added, and the SFX/music. Great job!

Just FYI I tried to play this game in Chrome twice and both times it caused Google Chrome to freeze permanently. :( I’m on a Mac. I did not rate.

Really cute game. I was playing it on my desktop so I didn’t get the full experience, but it was fun and I liked the little touches (animations, seeing your mushrooms grow over time, etc.) that made it special. Love the jump animation. :)

That was fun. I would have appreciated a glowing/blinking cursor where my mouse was because it kept blending into the background, made it hard to aim at certain moments. But the graphics and audio were awesome, very strong Earthbound/Mother vibes which I enjoyed personally!

This was a fun game. I can’t wait to play more levels. I wasn’t able to get the first mushroom-bounce level to work without cheating. But I was able to do it on the next level. The soundtrack is nice and chill and the graphics/color scheme were very nice and consistent, too. Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful game! Love the music and the graphics. The story is very elaborate, I liked the humor! Keep up the awesome work.

ooh I posted too soon… even cooler is how the distance you drag affects your velocity! very nice

This is a really cool little game! Reminds me of Solar Jetman from when I was a kid–similar gameplay but controlling with a mouse made it interesting! Also the gravity effects made it more complex.

One word for this game, and it’s: “Yeah!”

I liked how one of the weapons slowed down the zombie it was attacking. I did have a little trouble playing at first. The UI was covering half the screen. But I zoomed my browser out to 50% and it was fine then. I like the VFX in the game, how the little cubes diminish after the explosion.

Thanks for sharing the game!

Very cool! I got the “brave” ending. :) Not sure if I’m brave enough to go back and try for the other endings… … goes back again

Thank you! 🙏

This one is my favorite! Nice collection!

Fun game, and I liked the effort you made in the story as well as the user interface/experience. It was very user-friendly and that made the game more enjoyable. Nice work.

Fun game and original idea. I like sudoku and I enjoyed this. I was glad that each die went up sequentially. It it had been totally random, it would have been almost impossible (maybe a higher challenge level if you wanted to add). Nice work!

Fun game. The AI was a little underpowered, as I won 10 times in a row, but well made!

I came up with a way to strategically advance through the levels, but once it got to the level where you start on a rotation block, my brain exploded. But seriously yeah great level design.

This was a cool game! I gave up around hard level 3; just became too many possibilities. Really nice idea and execution.

Also don’t know if this was a glitch or not but the opening screen had navy blue text on a dark purple page. It was very challenging to read. Upon replaying, I see that those colors are randomly chosen, so maybe just an untested feature. Very cool though.

This game was really cool. I’m going to play it again and see if I could beat it. The strategies seemed a little arbitrary for each situation (though maybe I missed some clues), but I really enjoyed the battle system and how they powered down and up based on your effectiveness in playing. I appreciate how the game spreads awareness of the impact of adverse childhood experiences. Nice work!


I’m a composer and audio person. I have loved text adventures since I was a kid and we had a Commodore 64 computer.

This game jam is a nice period of time, too. Plenty of space to come up with material.

If anyone would like to have music/sound effects for their game, check out some of the past jams I’ve worked on, and send me a message!

Happy jamming,


I always begin ARISE PLUTO. It knocks out all of the vowels, as well as R S L and T.

It also makes me feel like I’m summoning the ruler of the underworld.

This game looks like a lot of fun. I like the music. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play. My keyboard inputs have no effect–neither the motion controls nor space bar. My mouse inputs are just fine. I don’t seem to have keyboard input issues anywhere else (hence my being able to type this message). I’m on a Mac and I tried this in Chrome and Safari but no luck.