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This is such a fun game!! The level of visual polish really makes it a whole experience, and I love being able to add any song and play it.

This is one of the games that I revisit over and over. It’s a lyrical, sad, and beautiful experience that stays with you. 

A cold and distorted odyssey through space! Really enjoyed this fractured poetry. <3

Frog N’Roll is a Friday night classic. 🥁🐸 10/10 stars. 

There are few games I've had the pleasure of playing that know so strongly what they are about. GaGa's Bizarre Adventure: Lesbian Tendency is a fever dream of a game that will make you cry with laughter. Play it already!!  

Thank you so much Starling! We had a ton of fun making our young game designer's epic squirrel adventure come to life. 

This is a really fun concept! The art is gorgeous and I thought the visual effects were also very slick. Kept playing just so I could stare at this pretty game longer. 

The icons had a ton of character. The shifting ruleset kept the game pretty engaging. The music was on point and I thought the sound effects were funny. 

You all killed it

The environment is so imaginative and the art is enchanting. I also loved the sounds you used as well. I want to live in this little world. <3

I hope to see more of bunnynaut's adventures!

Yeah! It was for an assignment in my game design program where we had to make a multiplayer game on discord. 

I want to make a 2d pixel art version where the puzzles are answered with parser prompts. Kind of like this:

Thank you so much! We're excited to keep playing around with the rhythm mechanics and try new things. Hopefully, we can still maintain the feeling that you are doing swordwork instead of hits. <3

I appreciate your response. As it was for a short game jam a small experience was exactly what we were aiming for.

We wanted to experiment with rhythm gameplay since it was something none of us have tried before. We're proud of what we created and feel like we have learned a lot. We are certainly considering adding more mechanics when time allows.

Ahh I love this so much! The art is so cozy and the story elements remind me of KiKi's Delivery Service in a way. :) Are you supposed to be able to give the keyring? I can't seem to progress after that part and I'm not sure if it's a bug.

Ahaha thank you! I want to actually finish this at some point and make it more like a visual novel but am too lazy to do all the art 

This game brims with so much promise! The framing story lends such depth to what's going on and made me feel so nostalgic.

Aesthetically this game shines. The player character is so cute, and I can't wait to learn more about them. The particle effects really brought this decaying world to life.

On a design level, this game is so fascinating. I loved that I discover the solution to a character's problem by exploring the environment. 

The sound design is really good. I could listen to that bird sing all day.

I hope to see this story get expanded at some point in the future! <3

Thank you Joel!

Thank you for your thoughtful comments Roey! This was my first puzzle game and I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it. The level with the U-shaped object is the best level so far I think and I hope to implement more challenges like that. 

The thing that happens in the final puzzle is something where I am still deciding if I want it to be a feature or a bug, but I totally agree that if I keep it in it should be led up to in a way that explains how it works!

Reading your comments brought a smile to my face and I would love to send the future update your way for feedback. :) I look forward to playing your game. All the best!

I adore the concept of this game!! I can't wait to see the headlines roll in on Twitter.

This is such a cute idea and I love the art style. Can't wait to play this with friends!

Thank you Synzorasize! It's nice to hear that the puzzles weren't too simple. I look forward to checking out your game.

Hi Banya, thank you for giving me such thoughtful feedback! I totally agree that my game would benefit from a soundtrack, I'll have to add one next update. It's also probably a good idea to explain the objective more for people who haven't played a Sokoban game before.  I can't wait to check out your game!

The art for this game is great! It has a lot of charm and I also appreciate all the UI elements you've created.

This game has funny dialog and puzzles, what more could anyone want? Nice work, I can't wait to play more of your stuff :)

I adore the aesthetic style of this game! Are the backgrounds gifs that you imported in and then overlaid UI elements over? I want to try and make something this beautiful.


This is a really juicy game with strong comedic elements. I really enjoyed playing it!

Hi Sepi! Thank you for playing. I am currently working on boxes of different "weights" and sizes that would require both characters to manipulate them, I wish I could've gotten one of those puzzles in for the jam but finals exams took up too much of my time. 

Hey guys! I'm looking for other people that might be interested in making a Unity, Pico-8, or Twine game. You can see some of the stuff I've worked on here. I do a bit of everything, programming, art, writing, and am open to ideas.

I loved this game from the moment those comic panels went up on the start menu! It's a really cute concept that made even stronger by its visuals. The audio is also really nice, the sound that people make when they spot you is great. I enjoyed the core loop of walking to cover and concealing myself because the walking animations were so adorable. I'm an undergrad game dev student and I'm curious to know if you have any recommendations for how to make such compelling low-poly 3d models? Your models have so much character and in my classes making things appear "true to life" is what is emphasized.

The music is fantastic!