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Are you going to be recording you experience? Tips & Advice?

A topic by ItsJustJord created Jul 22, 2019 Views: 307 Replies: 6
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So something I really want to try doing but I've never had any experience in recording the process and upload it to YouTube have you guys tried it before?  If so any and all tips are appreciated! :) 

Yes exactly same here. I too want to record my work but unfortunately I don't have enough free HDD space, and also since the recording is done continuously... meaning for countless hours and days, so I believe the file size must be pretty huge. So I guess we need an extra HDD for that right?

Jam Host

Hey :) ! To make my behind the scene videos I don't record the ENTIRE process, because indeed that would make for some massive file sizes. Instead I just record 5 minutes of footage every hour, as well as when I do things I think will be interesting for the video, like drawing a character, or coding something.
You don't need tons of footage, just a little bit here and there showing how your game evolved over the week end / week :)


Noah I want to say thank you so much this is really a great idea to record my first finished-game ever cause the moment I finish my game will be the greatest moment ever ūü§©

noa you are my fave youtuber!!!

I read that with your voice in my head. :D

I'll very proud of participate in this jam.

Jam Host

What I did for a past jam was to create a timelapse of the work progress, using Chronolapse. While the result isn't that much appealing to watch visually, it's extremely interesting to watch the game take shape!