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Help reach 50

A topic by Sanay created Aug 11, 2020 Views: 84 Replies: 6
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Pls rate this game

My game:

Very less people see my game so I am putting this thread for people to notice my game


Hey Hey!

Will rate your game.

Please have a look on our game as well.

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Will try

Did you rate mine


Here’s mine! I rated/played yours, please play/rate mine too!



Would appreciate if you could try mine:


Pls Help me reach 70:


Please Rate Our game

This game is about a girl, trapped in her mind. 

After a traumatic experience the girl has fell into coma.

Trapped in her dreams, she can't remember her past.

The pieces of puzzle are representing her memories, and every piece reminds her about the past 

And when a piece is collected, she sees really what had happened, and the real steps she had taken.