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eat whatever. it's fine
Submitted by sevencrane (@sevencrane) — 2 days, 7 hours before the deadline
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Love this so much. Good job!


Very creative concept, good animation and feels nice to play. The graphics are simple but nice. I'm not competent in platformers, but i can see this getting very fun if you get into the flow and rhythm and with some clever level design to help that. Didn't like the UI palette and having to mouse click the buttons was annoying.


This is really cool and cute, for a momentum study I see where the momentum play comes in. I seem to have discovered a sort of high-jump by gnash-dive-jumping. I played a few levels but then when I pressed exit it got stuck.  I sure hope Dugan Gnash does't eat anyone ha-ha sooo awful. 


Enjoyed myself, though having a challenge beyond score attack may be nice, like avoiding hazards or eating enemies before they eat you.


Beat the game, even went to the secret area

Very snappy and satisfactory animations, they have a lot of character. The hold mouth open function is cute, but later on it makes the action of biting feel unresponsive. The clouds in the second level are missaligned. I don't really get the gnash jump, though I managed to use it for getting into the cave in the third level.


i jump off da cliff in 1-1
dunno why i jump 20-30 times as high sometimes

It took a while, but I think I gnashed everything.

the gnash jump takes time to get used to. It is quite interesting how you can gnash while in air and then do an air jump, but it is quite clunky. Controlling the character mid air feels weird. On one hand he feels heavy, but on the other hand he slides off platforms after landing.

I like the visuals, but it is not clear to me what the player character actually is. It still looks like a duc with teeth to me.

Good luck with future updates


Is this porn?