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Unconventional WarfareView game page

tactical waifu simulation shooter
Submitted by Duque — 1 hour, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Thank you so much for playing & reviewing with a video (again!)

I particularly love video reviews with nice comments, this is one of the best source of making UW better, in my opinion.
You found some bugs and pointed out some good ideas again here.

For example, I really agree UW need a proper tutorial than just a "how to play" pop-up window. so we'll try to include that in our next demo!


I tried recording a playthrough of this, but I ran out of SSD space and the file got corrupted. Rip.

It was a good experience anyway. I guess this is a permadeath game? I lost the waifus pretty early on, and I died at the first battle while trying to repair the tank. But I'm also just bad at strategy games, and I wasn't playing too cautiously. Also noticed some grammatical errors, but I assume proofreading and UI polish will come later. Overall really good work so far.


RIP I've been through this before. I finally got a 1TB Samsung 850 on eBay for $150 and never looked back.


Thank you for the review and for trying to record your playthru.
We're thinking of having a bit easier story-mode as well as harder free-mode with permadeath so we wider playerbase could enjoy UW, so hopefully you could enjoy our Story-mode in the future


This is one of my favourite entries cause i really like how the gameplay work and notice you added an overworld, this game could be too good for a waifu bait, really promising features however:
- Game over is bugged on the Night mission
- Night is too dark, is not even realistic you should add a soft blue light.
- If the MC die and you try to restart the MC remain bugged
- if you try to open the inventory while entering in the yellow area it bug the game in a major way
- Sometime in the overworld i can't move
- Sometime you can't launch gradates while paused
- Grenades doesn't make any aggro to AI
Now is a long way to polish it up i hope to see new progress in the future.


Thank you so much for saying that UW is one of your favorites and we'll do our best to keep it up.

It's not waifu bait for sure, we just like waifus, te he

Also thank you for the bug reports and some good idea suggestions, this is helping us improve!

Submitted (3 edits) (+2)

I liked it! The character art is nice and it's fun! I love tactical games like this. But it's kind of buggy and messy right now, here's some issues I wrote down:

  • It runs poorly (I was getting ~16 FPS on the overworld and on some missions)
  • I had a hard time telling how damaged someone was
  • I lost some loot at the end of one mission. I had given it to one of the girls (a helmet and a vest) and it disappeared when I opened up the character menu on the overworld
  • Some cover hitboxes are inaccurate. I had a fight with some traveling guys on the overworld and the pillars were difficult to stand near and take cover behind
  • I ran into one pack of guys on the overworld and ended up doing 4 fights back to back. I ended up losing at this point. (I think it was taking me to the overworld and starting a new battle each time? As if the pack didn't despawn between fights OR each one of the guys was starting its own battle? I don't know)
  • The AI and cover is odd, my guys would wander out from cover frequently when it looked like they should have LOS and cover where they were standing (big rocks often did this). One of my guys even wandered into point blank range to shoot someone with their rifle
  • Some of the controls don't feel very good. The scroll wheel feels like it should zoom instead of panning the camera up/down. The up/down could be a shift-modified scroll if it's really necessary. Giving commands requires too much clicking, too. Check out how XCOM handles its controls. It would be nice to be able to cycle between units and give commands (grenade, stand still, healing item, etc) with 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, buttons. If these are already hotkeyed, they should probably be labeled on the UI because I had no idea
  • The dialogue could use additional controls. Left clicking to advance the text would be nice, I was pressing Enter instead which just felt clunky. It's always nice to have multiple inputs work for the same function, especially in situations where there are few functions

Thank you for your kind words and valuable criticisms! the more the better.
I notice some of these bugs need to be fixed ASAP and other points are to be considered seriously as well.

For example, we feel the same how covers are inaccurate and might be overhauling the system entirely in order to improve core combat mechanics!
Thanks again!!!