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Sorry for the super late reply.
Thank you for playing and streaming UW, your footage is super helpful even months after!

We're planning to support a mac version by v0.8. We don't have any mac machine to properly support it and we'll be able to support it once we get one.

Thank you for your kind words and for the bug reports!
for the medic and abilities, they have to be unlocked AND active. You can only have 1 class and 1 ability active at once per character.

do you mind sending me your log & save files?
you can use any fire sharing service or zip it & send it to
you can find them following these steps : 

Then the files are inside ..\LocalLow\Nightlife Strangers\Unconventional Warfare

You're too kind! This should've been fixed now. There was an issue with this specific level. Thank you so much for reporting the bugs!

I'm sorry about the issue and for the late response. Could you try the new v0.6.3 and see if that works?

Thank you for playing v0.6 and the detailed feedbacks and sorry for the late reply. v0.6.3 update addresses some of the issues you found but others will have to wait until v0.7.
We're working to overhaul some of the core components to fix issues and improve gameplay.

Thank you for reporting regardless! We'll look into that. Hope you enjoy the demo~~

Thank you for playing the demo and giving us detailed feedback! We're releasing a new demo with a kickstarter launch on this 28th at 3pm PDT so please try that one out, too!

Thank you so much!

Thank you for playing UW and your kind words!

Thank you for the bug reports and sharing your ideas! I love them!

Thank you so much!

your criticisms are on point and didn't sound evil at all! please keep sharing good ideas with us!

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Thank you so much for the longest and most well-written review we've had so far.  You've found a lot of new bugs and I see many good suggestions that we can apply to future versions. Some of your suggestions were actually what we're working on so it makes me happy to see it. It makes us feel more confident about the feature and it tells us how much you've played and thought about the gameplay of UW. 

To answer your questions : 

  • Will the shady guy that you can steal from eventually be a combat encounter, or will it always be a dialog fight?
    • Same question but for the wolf encounter.

Many dialogue fights will be a real fight in the later versions(such as sniper attacks or the shady guy fight) but the wolf encounter probably won't be a real fight due to its feasibility.

  • Can the infantry armor and helmet be penetrated by a rifle (or larger) round? 
    • What about by armor piercing ammunition?

Body armor will be pierced by AP ammo and in the future combat overhaul, we're thinking about adding durability to the armors so you can fix it during the camping section.

  • Does the enemy ever carry armor piercing ammunition for use against the player? 
    • If not, then will they ever?

Yes, the AI isn't in there yet, but the AI will pretty much be able to do what player can do eventually.

  • Is the armor piercing ammunition for all classes or is it categorized as an "anti-tank weapon," limiting its use to the Support class?

Hmmmm, this is a touch question since sub-classes are still being worked on, but for now I'm gonna say everyone can use AP ammo. We're trying to make the classes in a way that everyone can use any(if not most) weapons and tools but certain classes have special bonus or ability with them.

  • Does the location of the hit determine the damage? Or does each unit have a single hitbox?

There are 3 hitboxes(head, torso & legs) atm with no incoming damage difference. This will obviously change in the future so there are more hit boxes and headshot is causes more serious damage and etc. If you wear helmet and body armor, head and torso(front angle) gets covered so you sometimes get hit on your legs unless they are covered by obstacles.

  • Are there any plans for back-up combat methods in the event the player runs out of ammunition?

Not at the moment, but that's something to think about, especially if you felt the need.

  • Does a unit's sight stat affect their accuracy?

No, sight only affects their visibility which used to be more relevant when there was Fog of War in UW which was disabled due to some tech needs. The stats will be reworked during the combat overhaul and we'll work to see if we can(and want to) bring the Fog of War back.

  • What is the timeframe of weapon and vehicle technology that will be present in the game? All of the weapons thus far have been WWI and earlier (barring the Fiat L5/30) - do you have a particular year in mind as to the "cut-off"?

Easiest way to think of it is "before WW2". So some tech that's not used widely in WW1 but designed in between WW1 and WW2 can certainly be in UW. It's not a hard limit either. Just to keep the aesthetics consistent and with balancing in mind.

Thank you again and please join our discord server and talk with us directly there!

I realized that you don't use discord(although that'd be great cause we're very active in Discord) so no worries, just keep sharing your fantastic ideas with us here!

Thank you for your feedback and you have nothing to be sorry about. This sort of honest critique is what we need to make the game better! The combat will go through some major overhaul so you have more control over the result of each combat with more things to do and thus more options to turn things around even when you're outnumbered. We did some balancing in the past few patches as a quick fix so please try that out and tell us what you think!

I'm sorry to hear that. We were building Mac versions from windows just hoping it'd work. It was a poor choice as we don't have any way to test the build.

So we'll releasing just Windows and Linux versions for now. 

Mac version will come back asap when we have Mac machines to be able to test our builds.

Thank you!

Hello! I apologize for the late reply. Unfortunately we do not have any MAC to test our builds (despite being able to build MAC ver. from Windows), We plan to be able to test MAC(and Linux) as soon as possible. I'm sorry for the trouble and if you don't mind, please give our next build a try, which will be released in about a month!

Thank you for playing UW!
That sounds like a bug, we'll look into it to fix it. Thanks for the bug report, too!

Thank you for playing UW!

These are some great in-depth feedback that we're reading together as a team to take in to improve the game.

I can almost say that I agree with all your points, except for the bugs and design choices like MC being a relatively gaint(which will be less so once we have other tall characters).

We have new & accurate 2D sprites being worked by our artist and will gradually add more weapons and features to play with.

Thank you again and please try our future demos and share your thoughts!

Would be really great if you come hang out in our discord server : 

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for playing UW(again!)
More camera control is planned, it just has a good amount of complexity that comes together once player gets to look at the world from different angles, but we'll work into brining that feature eventually.
Free movement was something that we felt unnecessary, so we're moving towards more board-game-like worldmap visual & controls.

Camping bugs should be fixed with the new version, but I'm keeping a close eye on the issues with camping mechanic as it's relatively new, including loot balance. Thank you again for your detailed feedbacks! \o/

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the kind comment!
Camping sounds like a bug that's been patched in the latest build.
It's pretty surprising to hear that it was easy because I've seen many people finding it too hard. Balancing is hard but we'll try to make it challenging enough for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you and sorry for the late reply!
you're absolutely right on accuracy formula being off, it should be easier to hit when they are close, otherwise it looks bizarre like in XCOM missing point-blank shots.

The second part sounds like a bug & I'll consider gameover triggering as soon as the MC dies, it's just that the whole part is gameplay-wise undecided in a way.

Arigathanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the good feedbacks.
continue button sounds reasonable. the circle icons represents moral & health and in need of tutorial explaining what it does. 
some of these are good bug reports and I'll take notes to fix the issues.

There are different tiers of enemies so certain low tier enemies will be dumb and won't try to find covers.

Will work on making the worldmap look better(and more useful, too, since there isn't much to do there).

Thank you for the detailed review and your kind words!

it's a fun game, I agree with ulala9 that pickup should be somehow easier I ended up spamming f near the items . Cute girls and funny voice overs.

Thank you for your review and I'm sorry for the late reply!

I'll take notes on the bugs you encountered and work on them. I believe the new update has the fixes if they are what I think they are.

If you don't mind, join our discord and hand out!

Thank you again for the detailed comments and kind words. This is what drives me to work harder on UW!

Thanks! :D

It still gave us good feedback on what to improve nonetheless.
If you do try our new demo, tell us how you feel about the progress we've made so far!

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Thank you for playing UW(and for recording & sharing it!)
This seems an older demo(v0.2x) of UW, have you tried our new demo(v0.4.1)?
If not, please do and tell us about it, too!

Thank you so much for playing & reviewing with a video (again!)

I particularly love video reviews with nice comments, this is one of the best source of making UW better, in my opinion.
You found some bugs and pointed out some good ideas again here.

For example, I really agree UW need a proper tutorial than just a "how to play" pop-up window. so we'll try to include that in our next demo!

Thank you for the review and for trying to record your playthru.
We're thinking of having a bit easier story-mode as well as harder free-mode with permadeath so we wider playerbase could enjoy UW, so hopefully you could enjoy our Story-mode in the future

Thank you so much for saying that UW is one of your favorites and we'll do our best to keep it up.

It's not waifu bait for sure, we just like waifus, te he

Also thank you for the bug reports and some good idea suggestions, this is helping us improve!

Thank you for your kind words and valuable criticisms! the more the better.
I notice some of these bugs need to be fixed ASAP and other points are to be considered seriously as well.

For example, we feel the same how covers are inaccurate and might be overhauling the system entirely in order to improve core combat mechanics!
Thanks again!!!

thank you for playing UW!
It seems like the new "Move mode" isn't very clear to many players. so we'll work on making it more intuitive, but you can switch it from "Move at will" to "Hold position" by clicking the UI button next to character faces or by clicking "T" button.
thanks for your feedbacks here and from other messages!

please try our v0.4 build named "32bit" and tell us if it works!

We're working on to release a new demo soon and we'll be doubly sure on that part.
I'm sorry again and please come back to try the new demo in 3 weeks!

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble playing our demo.  Our build should support both 32bit & 64bit machines.
Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the problem you've encountered?

Thanks for playing UW!
We've been actively working on UW.
In order to focus on some big updates, we decided to skip the previous DemoDay submission.
We plan to have a new demo ready for the next DemoDay(
In the mean time, please follow us in twitter( and Discord( and help us improve!