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Bug Fables - Indiegogo DemoView game page

Follow Bee, Beetle, and Moth as they uncover the secrets of the Land of Bugaria!
Submitted by Moonsprout Games (@paperbugdev) — 1 day, 20 hours before the deadline

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Bug Fables - Indiegogo Demo's page

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This is simply fantastic-

I've been on a paper mario rush recently, and i have been hella discouraged by the two most recent games; They dropped the battle system, the partners, and the dialogue only barely saved it. This makes me remember paper mario, but also makes me feel like im playing another game with it's own witty writing and cute characters. I'm going to fully support it's full release!


In case you missed it in the thread I did a playthrough of your game:

For some reasons, this made my day. I mean it's not that big of a demo, but it prepares for a great game. The graphism are really cute, and the gameplay works really well!

I wrote up a pastebin to highlight some detailed criqiques and notes, but overall it's really good. It's a very nice, nostalgic tribute that still has its own personality. Can't wait to see more!


cool and cute!

the characters feel a little slow when moving around the world, and the texture quality/resolution is not consistent throughout. the 3D models with the toon shader look really nice and fit well with the 2D characters and so do the 3D-ish flowers, but a lot of the grass pieces look out of place

feedback during battle is unsatisfying, but I get that it's early in development

the battle scene in the cave looks very nice, I think you should aim for that level of detail and consistency in the world scenes

cute characters, cheeky dialogue, I like it


It really should just teleport you back to town instead of going back to main menu when you die. Other than that good work!

Also found Mar & Gen!


Very cute, love these lil buggs. I like the combat design, but a little more messaging around damage / life totals could be good. Also maybe you could have levels of success with each of their skill checks (with the horned beetle for instance, releasing exactly when the indicator lights up does the most damage. if you release before/after that it does less). Keep up the good work