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The movement, shooting, and magic casting all feels really tight, and art looks nice too. But I wonder what direction you're going to take the game. The opening screen made it seem like an infinite arena shooter isn't what you intend the final product to be, so while this is a pretty good base to improve on, maybe try to focus on what you actually want the game to be. Unless you already know all of that already, and this was just a tech demo. In that case, feel free to ignore the past two sentences.

Oh, and the manual reload button has a bit of lag to it between hitting the button and the button actually reloading. If that was intentional, consider increasing the length of the reload sound effect so that it's clear that reloading manually takes longer.

It really does feel like you have the start of something really interesting. Having to think carefully about the positioning of both your units and your enemies units is pretty stimulating, and even in this little demo level, I found myself actually having fun trying to set up hitting corpses or enemies into other enemies while trying to avoid falling into the same traps. The art style is simplistic, but fairly cute too.

This seems like a really cool direction to take, and I'm excited to see what kinds of mechanics you'll add onto this!

I wrote up a pastebin to highlight some detailed criqiques and notes, but overall it's really good. It's a very nice, nostalgic tribute that still has its own personality. Can't wait to see more!

Shit, I remember playing this a long time ago when I first checked out AGDG and gamedev in general. Back then I was a little annoyed at the level design, mostly because I didn't know where to go half the time, but the combat was enjoyable and the story was just compelling enough to stick around and check out all your demos.

Of course I know this demo isn't how the final game will end up (arena style), but cutting out the levels and just having pure combat was really fun! I had to force myself to stop playing after ripping and tearing through enemies with Frank. The neon lights of the projectiles kinda clashes with the rest of the game, and some enemies would get caught in the corner behind the portal, but other than that there's not much to gripe about.

I'm sure the levels will be a bit better now that you have some more experience, so I can't wait to see what you'll cook up in the new engine! Keep it up, mate!

A pretty good ordinary platformer from what I played. What you have now seems like a good base, but I'm curious to see where you take it from here and what other mechanics you end up implementing. Plus you have cute art and sprites, so that's always a great thing. I'm excited to see how this develops.

Pretty awesome! The stars are pretty distracting, but I can see why they're necessary. Maybe you could change them to something a little more subtle? Even having one star where the cursor is might be a good enough indicator.

Other than that it was really fun. Great job!

Some bugs (cont. because of post limit):

  • The ledge grab animation with the first wall is a little buggy, and there were some animation errors with the box push animation (push the box then walk away and you'll stay in the box push anim).
  • You can spam projectiles at the little coin block thing and interrupt its shrink animation to keep spawning coins, don't know if that's intentional or not.
  • The game hits a permanent black screen if you transition from to the underwater part then immediately go up to the previous screen. Had to restart to keep playing.
  • The ledge in the cave next to the angled blue and green tiles is super hard to get to. I only grab it randomly it seems.
  • The level cleared screen showed that I had a time of "00:00:000".

Overall, it was really fun. Even after having to restart the level a few times I keep playing, so that's a good sign. Keep it up!

Checked it out with DS4Windows and everything seems to work alright, though I would suggest adding keyboard controls at some point, even if aiming the dumplings might be a little awkward.

Some things that stood out to me:

  • The speed of the camera when changing which direction you're running in is a little fast and disorientating.
  • The art is really nice! Love that the grass naturally sways and reacts to you moving on it. That plus the music gives the whole game a comfy adventure feel to it.
  • The last room with the pink floor made me want to eat my own hat because of how annoying the rocks were, but it was an enjoyable last challenge at least.

Really fun gameplay concept. I could definitely see myself playing a full length game like this.

The controls and battle flow took a bit to get used to - especially using skills, but I think that's because the first battle room had blue tiles that blended in with the blue skill range indicators - but I got used to it fairly quickly. The timing for blocking/countering attacks is a little tight too.

Overall, it's really awesome. Can't wait to see more!