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THROBOT DEMO DD11 [VERSION 2.2 ADDED]View game page »

You're a robot who throws stuff, get to it! Z to jump, X to grab/throw.
Submitted by scarfdev with 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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Really polished game with great graphics/animations and a very interesting gameplay idea.
Some stuff that could use some work in my opinion:
  • Small clues about where to go. Not exactly something too obvious like arrows, but something subtler would work great.
  • Destructible walls should be different than normal walls, again a subtle difference.
  • Hitboxes on the terrain are a little off sometimes, you can jump through some rocks.
  • Player gets too much momentum and feels slippery. It can make some jumps tricky.

With clever level design that forces you use the throw mechanics in a strategic way this will be a great game.


Loved the game's graphics and gameplay. Dashing around felt really smooth, which I think was accentuated by the smoothness of the player character's animations.

It's pretty unclear where you're supposed to go, and a lot of the jumps seem a bit too close for comfort, especially when the visuals seem to imply that you can't actually hit them. More than a few times I gave up on the only way through a section, thinking the demo must have been over. Running with the objects would be nice too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great grafix!
  • I am ... dumb. I was stuck at the first destructible wall. The fact that I couldn't carry things and the weird jump when I drop something was disorienting.
  • The controls do take a little getting used to, but there is a lot of potential once you pick them up.
  • You should add a guided or implicit, tutorial, where each challenge has to be solved by using the mechanic in a precise way, slowly teaching all of the mechanics/combos of moves.
  • Destructible terrain should be different visually.
  • The colliders of the terrain isn't clear from the grafix.
  • BG could be darker, to contrast with interactable elements. Actually, overall you have very low contrast.
  • Inertia makes the character feel slippery.
  • Both of these things together makes lining up precise jumps difficult and a little frustrating.

I like the dash mechanic. I noticed that you can spam dash against walls to essentially climb them, since touching a wall seems to give your dash back. Might be exploitable for speed runs but it's fun.

Would be great if you added controller support. Fingers didn't get used to the controls quickly enough to pull off cool tricks.

At some point in my life I thought 'shit why doesn't somebody make an entire game about the Suplex ability from Kirby Super Star', but lo and behold somebody beat me to the punch.

There's not much here now, but there's a good foundation for a puzzle platformer. an ability to toss things softly could add a lot to potential puzzles, and various non throwing options for grabbing on to stuff, like more manuvarability options and more grapple animations, would be nice.


The wall is definitely an issue, i'll be posting a fixed version in a moment. It IS possible to get over it, but it requires more knowledge of the control then you likely have after 10 seconds.


I pretty much agree with Mayo, but I'd also like to add that It'd be nice to be able to run while holding something.


Really like the graphics, but there's a ledge near the beginning that seems to be unreachable. Is there a way to jump over it or was that the end of the demo?