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How to browse the My Famicase Exhibition Sticky

A topic by Ludonaut created Sep 05, 2017 Views: 2,965 Replies: 4
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One of the goals of this jam is to give the incredible annual My Famicase Exhibition the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, their website is a little slow, and can be hard to navigate. Here are a couple of ways to help you choose a cart to base your game on:

#1: Download the archive for faster offline browsing

This is the preferred and fastest way to browse every Famicase cart that's ever been released. I've mirrored in its entirety and slightly modified the files to make local browsing easier. The contents and descriptions have not been modified in any way.

Just download this file (about 250MB), unzip it and open START_HERE.html in Chrome or Firefox. If you run into any issues, please let me know. (alternate link in case the above doesn't work)

offline archive screenshot
START_HERE.html should look something like this

7Soul also made this .rar that contains the 2017 exhibition only.

#2: Browse

This is the obvious one. Of course, their site is a little slow and I'm a little worried we might eat up their entire bandwidth quota and their webhost might take it down or something (hence #1 above). It isn't immediately obvious and they don't seem to link them anywhere, but you can browse prior years all the way back to 2008 by changing the year in the URL. For example, to check out the 2010 collection, change the 17 in to a 10, like so:

Years prior to 2008 can be found here. There is also this flash based, 3D-animated thing containing everything between '05 and '16 (warning, this one takes ages to load).

#3: Let RANDOM FAMICASE decide for you

Pyrofoux made this neat little tool to randomly browse through the Famicase collection. This one is helpful if you have trouble picking a cart out of the hundreds and hundreds of great designs. Warning: Right now this tool hotlinks images from, which makes it just as slow as browsing the site directly.

I hope this helps ✨

Happy jamming everyone :)


Hey, just wanted to say thank you for this awesome jam! 

Amazing work putting together an offline resource for the famicases. It was sorely needed!

Created a translated index of all 9 years of cartridges. All non-english titles/author/descriptions have been translated via google translate and you can click the title of any game to go to the original source on your local copy or the famicase website.

If you've downloaded the offline copy of the cartridges from the link above, drop this one next to your START_HERE.html file:

If you haven't downloaded the offline copy, you can use this one which lazy-loads the images as you scroll down the page:


Well done. Thank you!