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Famicase 2017 rar pack

A topic by 7Soul created Aug 22, 2017 Views: 967 Replies: 8
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I usually check the website a lot of times so the ~2 seconds to load each image gets really annoying, so here's a .rar download of all 2017 images: (27mb)

Jam Host

thanks so much for putting this together, 7Soul! since this archive is images only, remember you can always check the Famicase 2017 entries page for more info about cartridge submissions and their creators.

Do you need to take the description of the case into consideration for this game jam, or is it just the visual?


You're free to do either! Basically you can pick and choose. If you want to restrict yourself to the description, you totally can, but you don't have to.

Awesome, thanks!

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Had the same question in my mind. Maybe put this reply to the main page?

Edit, sorry, found the FAQ

Wow! Thanks!

Has anyone done the same thing for previous years? It's crazy slow trying to look through all these!


I'm on it.