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Crypt of the Bone KingView game page

A Broughlike for #7DRL 2020
Submitted by Tinytouchtales (@tinytouchtales) — 13 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 2 people so far
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Crypt of the Bone King's page

Successful or Incomplete?


Did development of the game take place during the 7DRL Challenge week. (If not, please don't submit your game)

Is your game a roguelike or a roguelite? (If not, please don't submit your game)

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I didn't really understood everything with how the runes works but I really like the concept and the graphical choices! Would need a good tutorial but very cool game. Good work!


Easily summed up as GREAT concept but still very rough and unintuitive UI.




Great game! There were a few unintuitive elements (I thought the doors were bugged before I realised that the bones were directional), but that is part of the fun of playing broughlikes (and roguelikes more generally), for me.


Thanks for playing. Yeah, 7 days is just too little do adress all the UX issues.


This is very cool, but a bit tricky to get started with--the fact that you can't tell which way a column or row moves at a glance meant that it took me a real long time to understand what the rules for moving them were, and it was pretty hard to understand what each of the spells available did/which could be cast on what type of target.

There's a lot of charm to a Cinco-Paus style "learn through trial and error" gameplay flow, but the game feels like it could use a touch more feedback as to why a thing did/didn't happen to make that work. Just little things like each spell icon having a sub-icon that shows what it can be cast on, or having the spell icons have names, or have them light up when you're moused over a valid tile. That said, once I got things figured out it was real fun!


Thanks for playing. Yes i'd like it be less arcane, but time was just too little to go deep on UX/UI polish. 


Yuuuuup--I know that feeling