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Thanks! I'll play around with camera stuff--I can probably get away with zooming the view out a bit. The Rod of Summoning thing. . .oof, yeah, that makes sense.

I think it could be pretty simple (although getting any animation going in a turn based thing can be tricky if it wasn't designed from the start)--even something as basic as a 2-frame animation that the character does when they cast the spell and a 1/5th of a second overlay on the affected square would do a ton.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

I think Meat lets you chop down bigger obstacles with just one apple-bite?

I'm digging the Broughlikes in this challenge! This one seems real cool, but I'm struggling a bit to get started--I can be into the 'learn by trying' style, but I bet you could add a touch more feedback after you use a spell without sacrificing any of that.

I'm into it! Each level becomes a fun little puzzle to solve.

How do Gelcubes work? 50% chance of action per turn?

Yuuuuup--I know that feeling

This is very cool, but a bit tricky to get started with--the fact that you can't tell which way a column or row moves at a glance meant that it took me a real long time to understand what the rules for moving them were, and it was pretty hard to understand what each of the spells available did/which could be cast on what type of target.

There's a lot of charm to a Cinco-Paus style "learn through trial and error" gameplay flow, but the game feels like it could use a touch more feedback as to why a thing did/didn't happen to make that work. Just little things like each spell icon having a sub-icon that shows what it can be cast on, or having the spell icons have names, or have them light up when you're moused over a valid tile. That said, once I got things figured out it was real fun!

Drag things around (including the character) with the mouse