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Dicey Dungeons #7drl buildView game page

7drl 2018
Submitted by Terry Cavanagh
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Dicey Dungeons #7drl build's page


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  • I really enjoyed the game. You're right that you are onto something.

    There are some obvious issues with completeness and polish, but it was fun and felt like an interesting new roguelike.

    Finish it up so I can play it more :-)

  • Initially, when I realised I was being assaulted with a midi version of a Taylor Swift song I thought I entered hell. But under the blocks and nightmare bright basic visuals I found an actually pleasant and intriguing - if a little bit basic - battle system.

    The battle system itself was clear and easy to use ( and easier on the eyes ), and rather fun! A good changeup from the usual "walk into enemy and hope the RNG is entirely on your side" of traditional roguelike fare. The only unpassable block I had to deal with was the Knight, who kept building its shield stat rather than doing anything else, making it impossible to actually bring down the shield. Of course, with improvement and mechanics balance this could be fixed.

    Overall, enjoyable despite the broken Knight enemy, slightly eyebleed-bright graphics and inital blast of Taylor Swift. I hope to see an improved version in the future.

  • Even with it's barebones visual style Dicey Dungeons is a lot of fun. There's a decent number of items and abilities available, which leads to some interesting choices when tweaking your build for the next enemy.  Some of the enemies need some balancing — the Knight can suck you into a prolonged battle of shields, and the Yeti is almost unbeatable without a certain ability. Despite this I kept coming back until I beat it. Can't wait to see where the developer takes this.

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Very fun game. I included it in my 7DRL Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

I think it's really fun and a creative battle system that compels critical-enough thinking in a nice, streamlined format. It'd make an excellent tabletop game, too!

Completed the HTML5 version and quite enjoyed it. :)

This is a coolio concept! :D Hope you're able to expand on it more in the future~

Jam JudgeSubmitted

I like this a lot, but I got stuck in a standoff with a knight. I didn't have enough damage potential to take his shield down and I couldn't leave the fight.

I absolutely love the concept behind this game. Might actually be cool to make a pen-and-paper variant.