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Totally agree on both points. Higher move speed on all entities in the game would be good, and some more thematic world art in general would've been nice, but hey, do what you can in three hours, right? Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yeah, my original design involved the player having to gain points by standing on a platform that moved every few seconds, increasing their "demon power" over the other demons. Three hours was not enough time to do that along with the refamiliarizing I had to do with Godot, haha. Thanks for playing and the feedback!


Hey jammers! We're just a few days away from kicking off our fourteenth(!) game jam, which means there's still time to get your theme voting in! Help us pick the theme for the weekend by selecting your top three choices on our survey! Be sure to get your votes in before the start of the jam if you want them to count!

Vote now at

Hey folks! Sure, you're more than welcome to jam remotely! We'll announce our theme on the discussion board Friday at 7pm EST (or as close to it as possible, haha). Have fun!

Plus, if you're interested in helping us keep running jams we're currently running a fundraiser for Buffalo Game Space, where we're hosting the jam. You can get the deets at If not no worries, and happy jamming!

The key difference being yours is way less nauseating, hahaha.

I absolutely love the concept behind this game. Might actually be cool to make a pen-and-paper variant.

H.V.N.T.R.S. looks sweet. I've been looking forward to setting aside some time to play through some of the 7DRL submissions, and now I've got a good place to start.

Very cool engine and demo, would love to check out what's been made using this!

It should! Let me know if you have any troubles getting it to launch.