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Game is pretty fun in it's current state. I love how the map is kind of randomized each time, and sometimes this means you have to play it a bit differently each time. A Permadeath mode could add a lot to this game. About the only trouble I had, was trying to target the center of three horizontally-aligned targets from above or below; it's especially noticeable with fishing lures.

The other "maybe" thing is the spawning of resource targets. It multiples way too fast when you open up more than 4 lands, to keep up with. Often I find myself just sprawling from the center, but only really following one or two lands at a time for a long time, and the rest gets out of control - but even just trying to patrol the spawn rate causes overburdening pretty quickly. Enemy/creature spawn rate seems legit, at least; it's just the resource/obstruction spawn rate that escalates too hard, and even then, maybe just by 25% or so.

Really cool thing you got going here, and I'm looking forward to it's Steam launch!

One recommend: reduce the player's X-hitbox by 1 px on each side. Seems like a lot of movement is (+1, repeat +2) and it makes lining up with tile spacing impossible; and a lot of the harder layouts require pixel-precise positioning for navigation.

Absolutely brilliant. Can I download this? /fellow PICO-8 nerd
I'd love to pop this in my Picade, or maybe do a Zelda-like spinoff if it's cool.

Is it not implemented, or just not flagged as a feature?

I think it's really fun and a creative battle system that compels critical-enough thinking in a nice, streamlined format. It'd make an excellent tabletop game, too!

I remember playing this a lot in 2007-8; a rightly cool concept well ahead of it's time. It became hard to find, so seeing it made available here is greatly appreciated!

I do hope life gives you some time to revisit the concept at some point - I'm also being swallowed alive in a non-gamedev career right now, and it kind of sucks trying to find time to do stuff like this. Rock on, and good luck in your endeavors!

PICO-8 development got very meta, very fast!!

I saw this and immediately thought of Downwell, too! XD
I hope you get that bug squashed soon.