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A Top Down Shooter, With A Twist! (Literally)
Submitted by SominStudios (@Somin_Studios) — 1 hour, 22 minutes before the deadline

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Which song(s) did you choose for the theme and how did you incorporate it/them?
I Took the panicy feeling from light out and combined it with the intesety of running and decides i wanted something fastpaced and that makes you panic

Which parts of the game did you create BEFORE the jam STARTED?
I Recycled the wave spawner from a old project but i still needed to improve it allot

Which parts of the game did you NOT create?
I did not make any of the sound effects or music, Links to everything can be found in the description

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Great work. I really enjoyed the game. I made it to level 30 and the game stopped spawning enemies. The game started lagging pretty significantly when a wave would end towards the the high 20s and then on 30 it lagged through the shop and when the next wave started nothing came. Went to wave 33 before I called it. Still, I really liked the game and it was a great use of the controls.


So, i tried to make wave 29 and 30 impossible o that no one would get past them (i didnt have time for a win screen) I didnt expect anyone to get past them so good job! Zombies stopped spawning because i had no time to add more waves


Makes sense, I have done that in the past as well lol. Just wanted to let you know if you weren't aware. 


Awesome game, made good use of the buttons. All the main gameplay was extremely satisfying. Blood effects and coins being vacuumed up, so good. The upgrade menu was a little annoying though, why do you buy with RMB? Are you a blender-guy? JK, great game :).

Developer (1 edit)

Originally the purchase button was om LMB but i found that sometimes you would accidentally buy something because you were shooting before, Anyways Thanks for playing!


Aaah, that actually makes perfect sense.


Really nice pixel art on the zombies, I also liked the way the coins move towards the turret.

There are some flaws on the slow mechanic (you can spam the key and it recharges enough so you can stop time again with every stroke) but nothing that can't be fixed easily by adding cooldown between uses. 

The mechanic by itself is a good idea, I'd like to see more upgrades and different  enemies, for example ones that throw things at you within a range, so you have to target those first (maybe also hit their projectiles), you know, stuff that makes you think when and what to shoot rather than just shooting everything on the screen! ^^

Overall solid game! Nice work!


Liked this game its well made and polished. Found no bugs.

Great job and presentation!

However, I think the game sins for simplicity in the "linear" advancement of enemies.

On 4th wave, with upgrades in damage and  fire rate, I just held the key to kill almost all of them before they hit the half of screen xD

PS. The gun sfx volume is a little loud and it bothers after a while.

Submitted (3 edits)

Incredible game. Very polished and with a very cool mechanics.

The only thing I did not like was the choice of the buttons.

I played a lot here, but I ended up getting tired. I hit the wave 12.


Real fun - it's the game I've spent the most time playing as of now