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Thank you very much for making a youtube video about my game!

I subscribed

The game will be ported to Web / HTML soon

You can move the camera with w a s d

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Made a big update for Unity Paint which I made for a similar Jam before.

What do you mean? Do you mean the pit at the start of level one?  Fall in it and land on the purple ground, its a bounce pad.

Pressing A and D at the same time while standing in the portal.

Great and well polished game had much fun playing it!

Liked this game its well made and polished. Found no bugs.

Sry for the bug in the boss level where you cant use the finishing portal after beating it.

Its the last level so you dont miss anything out, but there should have come a win screen.

Because of time pressure i forgot to add the Scene of the Win Screen in the Build Settings Window.

I will fix the bug after the jam is over!

Unity Paint v2.0 community · Created a new topic Bugs

If you find any bugs, post them here.

Thanks for the tip!

I'm working to fix all the movement bugs for the next update.

Hope you enjoyed my game though.

The weapon collision bug is fixed now :)

Thanks for the criticism.

I already noticed that bug myself and it will be fixed in the next update which will probably come out today.

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Yeah :D Your game is quite good too!


Thanks for the quick response and the update :)

The max amount of different tiles/tile textures you can have in your game is not very big.

Can you please increase the amount so that you can have like 100 different Tiles/tile textures in your game.

Because it doesnt take long until you reach the limit.