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Thanks for the tip!

I'm working to fix all the movement bugs for the next update.

Hope you enjoyed my game though.

I did enjoy it :). 

Mechanically, it's missing some things to make it engaging. There's no apparent win condition (not that there has to be!), combat didn't seem to work at all in the first build, enemies can be avoided entirely by jumping but the grounding-check is unreliable (another thing that I have often had trouble with so I avoided jumping at all in my jam entry XD). But the level chunks do feel like they're reliably implemented and even though they're all in the same style right now I didn't feel like I was seeing the same piece over and over which is great. 

I think where your entry really shines is in the overall thematic feel. I felt like I was Charlie Chaplin, strolling through a silent film dreamscape and bopping people with my trusty cane. The music choice feels perfect, and you did a really good job of managing the differentiation between background and foreground which people often fumble even when they have a full color palette. That swirling  perlin fog effect was particularly good at defining the atmosphere of the game; I'm assuming it's a movie-texture and if so, bravo for implementing it in a way that didn't exponentially bloat the file-size.