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A jam entry

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Become a skeleton pirate and projectile yourself to victory in this multiplayer physics based puzzler!
Submitted by FuriousFromage with 9 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline

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Team Name

Gameplay Instructions
WASD, arrow keys, left joystick.

Drop powder keg
SPACE, A/X on gamepad.

arrow keys to navigate menus and SPACE to select options. After selecting a map you can add more gamepad players by pressing left/right on the analogue stick and ready up with space or A/X on the gamepads.

Level Select
Adventure mode is single player/co-op and Brawl at the Docks is a bonus multiplayer versus map. After selecting a level with SPACE use left/right on gamepad left analogue stick to add new players to the game.

Link to Gameplay Footage

List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
Assets: Imported assets from UE4 Marketplace, IndieGameMusic, Dafont for all static/skeletal meshes, materials, sounds, music, cues, animation bp, particle FX, fonts. I didn't create any of these types of assets during the jam.

Blueprints: Imported many BPs from previous projects. Modules include actor components and game mode components for player teams, player number decal, ragdoll, player skmesh and material config and persisting the config across levels, trigger zones for scoring, player character select, level select, loading levels and returning to a selected menu level, pause menu, auto respawn, top down controller, shared camera, gamepad UMG focus management, multiplayer gamepad input mode control. Controller based on the UE4 top down example project.

Levels: Imported the character and level select level from another project. Used the level lighting from the POLYGON Pirates marketplace example map as a base for most maps made during the jam.

Interface: Imported a series of UMG widgets including: the buttons and their animation, pause menu, character/level select widgets, base UMG class that helps manage gamepad focus. Worked on visual theme ahead of time including color scheme, selecting a font from Dafont.

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This was quite fun to play. It has a lot of potential both in campaign mode and in local multiplayer. Well done!




A great concept with even better execution! It's an excellent balance of do-it-yourself organic puzzle solving with plenty of careful design cues to help lead the player toward fun solutions (Level 3 stood out to me in this regard!). I love it!


Absolutely brilliant game! I'll have to find somebody to play it with because that versus mode looks promising too :)