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In teaching students UE4, I find that even those who are primarily interested in design will set aside their designer inclinations until the game reaches peak function, whether by their own volition or their peers' request. It's a noble act, to put gameplay function before gameplay ideology, but in those cases, I really miss seeing the creative forces and brainworms of the creators, unable to bury themselves into the project.

This is what I enjoy most about Transform Blasters- the intent to create novelty/exploration (modular gun evolution and mysterious criteria to boost stats) tied to the player's central motivation (shooting baddies) wasn't cut from core gameplay, and ultimately is what led to me playing ten times longer than I would've otherwise! Both artistry and programming in a game development setting are problems that need solved, and design is the methodology in solving those problems- that design sensibility is what hooked me, and I'm glad you didn't shy away from it!

A great concept with even better execution! It's an excellent balance of do-it-yourself organic puzzle solving with plenty of careful design cues to help lead the player toward fun solutions (Level 3 stood out to me in this regard!). I love it!

In short, yes, that is one interpretation that had crossed my mind!

In truth, the original narrative was very ambiguous- chasing a dream with the help of support and faith, and despite the loss of support or faith over time and change, what the dream stands for is never out of reach- but on about day 3/4 of the jam, as I was thinking about the metaphor and whether it was coming together mid-development, it occurred to me just how well a transgender narrative seemed to make sense with what was visually depicted!

I'm kind of ashamed that I hadn't designed for that in the first place, since it works surprisingly well in hindsight, but since I'm not an authority nor experienced person for the topic, I think I'd rather leave it undecided so that players can perceive that notion and own it for themselves!

Since I can't say that I'm trans myself, I wouldn't want to lead a story that wasn't personally validated, or worse, one that was potentially disruptive: for instance, the ending of "coming back home" in the finale cannot be a reality for some transgender people who are ejected from their families, and the game's theme of "transformation" might incite negative stereotypes about elements of transgender lifestyles and choice. Ultimately, I'd hope that a transperson could find value in the span of this tiny game, but I wouldn't want to prescribe that to the player! Here's to hoping it helps someone!

(and hey, thanks for the feedback! I greatly appreciate it!)

Thanks so much! Believe me, I don't take the compliment lightly!

Now that I've gotten some rest, I'm looking forward to playing Transform Blaster (I absolutely adore the concept)!

Thanks for playing! It was an immense learning experience for all of us involved, largely due to the feedback of people who have played and discussed it! On behalf of all of the indies who participated in Train Jam, thanks for sharing our work and being involved!