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Thanks leafo! I can see how that would work :) the main issue from that approach though is that I would have to keep a local history of all builds published on itch.io and make sure I never ever modified them (or lose them).  Out of curiosity, do you have an estimate on when would that roll back feature be available?

How do other devs handle build version history?

How could I keep pushing out updates (v0.1, v0.2, etc..) but also at some point have the ability to revert back to a previous more stable build? ie: Let's say I push a new build (v0.3) and it turns out to contain some nasty bugs that crash the game. Can I revert to a previous stable build (v0.2) using butler or the itch.io project dashboard?  

This was quite fun to play. It has a lot of potential both in campaign mode and in local multiplayer. Well done!