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Eliminate rival nerds and become the Alpha!
Submitted by carlestyle (@carlestyle), Benni, DigitalMoose, DexterityArt, error1st with 8 minutes, 46 seconds before the deadline

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Team Name
The Jock Blockers

Gameplay Instructions
Input: 2-4 players, local multiplayer, controller only

Goal: Eliminate rival nerds and become the Alpha!

Starting Game: Connect controllers, and press START on the controller to set your nerd to ready. Once 2 or more players are set to ready, press SPACE to start the game.

Nerd Controls: Movement: Left thumb stick, Cower: X, Jump: A, Shove: B, Talk: Y

Jock Controls: Same as Nerd except: Whack: X, Charge Attack: B

Gameplay: Random protein shakes appear at regular intervals. Drink the shake to TRANSFORM into a Jock for a short period of time. You can also use these actions to reveal Nerds cowering under tables.

Link to Gameplay Footage

List any content that was created before the jam that was included in the final submission.
- Diner assets (asset pack on the Unreal Marketplace by Erhan Yilmaz)
- Smoke Flipbook texture from Epic Starter Content
- A few Paragon Grux and Minions animations for running around and attacks
- The music (2 tracks: Bluesed and Abused by Quincas Moreira, and Silent Movie by DPmusic)
- Record scratch sound effect (From the free BBC sound effects library)
- Fonts (RocknRoll Typo by Maurer Design, and DayPoserBlack by Nick's Fonts)

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Video looks extremely good! Wish I wasn't a nerd without friends so I could play :(