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Submitted by CreativaGS — 3 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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How did you choose to implement the Theme: Harvest in your game?
It's a classic harvest moon based game. You grow and harvest crops, trees.
I will add some mechanics, but it's a farm.

Did you implement any of the optional Bonus Challenges, and if so, which ones?
Farm boy-- The guy is living on the farm.

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It reminded me of stardew valley with the whole person goes to farm thing but then again so do some farm type rpgs also hoping to see more characters later on and that there's some sort of relationships we can unlock/form with them, I suggest you explain somethings later down the line so players don't get confused like the ''Sp'' thing I tend to interact with alot of stuff in games and I'm assuming so do many people so I was confused when I interacted with rocks/tree stump in the square and didn't realize what was happening till I saw the ''Sp'' thing go down and time go by one last thing to reccomend would be when you go to bed you can decide when to wake up instead of a whole day going by like you can sleep till morning, noon, or night or a whole day O_o Overall I enjoyed the game it's pretty cute and I'm loving the cube aesthetic it has it makes everything look appealing (′▽`〃)

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for playing and for your comments! Yes i'm working on a small in-game tutorial, friendship is a must and i'm still thinking about the nap feature because it was suggested before, overall all those suggestions you made, this game is based on harvest moon instead stardew valley, i don't plan to insert battles or darker secrets.I'm actually working on some new features and then i will add as many characters as possible to start building relationships with them.
Thank you again

I love that you embraced the squares and cubes and turned it into an aesthetic. :)

(For your request to feedback on future mechanics, I'm excited about raising pigs and chickens.)


In fact, I'm actually working on the livestock features... so it's a must. I think you will love pigs, cows, chickens and sheeps.
Thank you for your comment.


Ok, the game looks like it will be really great someday. There's not much to talk about gameplay and story, since neither are really there yet. I could manage to plant an apple tree, but that's it. Be sure to include a good tutorial in the final version of the game, that's really important and a lot of people underestimate it. The presentation though is really good. There are some graphical mistakes, but I'm sure you'll polish it up in no time. This has potential, keep working on it :)

And congratulations for managing to release this demo on time. :)


Thank you, i really want to keep on working on this little boy, as you noticed it needs so much work yet and i'm pretty sure the story and the introduction/tutorial should give it a boost. I will work on more features and maps and it will recieve updates often. I have enjoyed this challenge so much. Thank you!