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Thanksss hope to see you around too :)

it's a good thing dw 😭 it's just funny scrolling down the comments and going "oh my god it's user Suzumiya Haruno again what a surprise"

Also yeah out tastes are definitely similar :))

Np np

I see you everywhere 😟

Under the timeline it says "This game is in development but there aren't currently any firm dates on when updates will be released or when the game will be completed." :)

I hope you can get some good talented people to work with you! <3

Here I am back again a month later after fighting my inner demons of replaying the game all over again

This sounds so good unfortunately I only have a mobile but from the descriptions of the characters I can tell it's a great story with great writing it's really captivated me so far and hopefully one day I'll be able to play it 

That was so good I'm already in love with Gremory and Ashheart now to anxiously wait for the next chapter 

Ywww! I'm happy my comment made you happy :D

okay thank you so much for your workkk!!

Now for my review this story is so well writing my goodness where would I even start without accidentally going on a rant in these here comments everything down to the dialogue and characters is just chef's kiss I simply couldn't help but go back and click other answers just so I could read what they said as you can imagine it took me over six hours of reading but it was all truly worth it and I can highly recommend this story to any fantasy, romancers and journey lovers out there trust me it'll be really good now I must end this comment since it's 5:20 am but I can't help but anxiously wait for the next chapter like my life depends on it because it does really depend on it anyways thank you author for writing this beautiful magnificent story so far you're doing great and I can't wait to see more in the future to come!

Virion you rat how dare you interrupt my smoocharoo with Irus I've never wanted to smack a old guy before but I sure do now😭💔

I'm so sorry you went through that 

also you all in the comments being offensive to the creator unkindly shut up and go to hell what is wrong with you people 

I'm crying so badly over this omg like the comment below is there a set date for chapter 1? :D

Nppp! I hoped it helped! 

(btw I love your Mob pfp)

That happened to me too since you're on phone I recommend switching the browser to "desktop site" since that seems to fix it!:D

It's no problem I'll wait for as long as it takes since your story is truly amazing!

I came back to this story ten months later and it's still as good as I remember:D

It's not letting me open the settings for some reason so I can't save or check my character thing which is a shame because I don't really want to end up having to delete everything since I'm so far into the story right now 

If I can't have the type of love Aster and Fenrir have then is life really worth it

Rhian and Ilya already have my full love already it's going to be painful to choose one of their routes over the other😭💔

Ah yes now the trouble begins either choosing Constantine or one of the brothers what a cruel fate I must decide

Nine months later I am still super excited for  Chapter 1's release :D

It's currently on hiatus! :D

It's on hiatus! <3

lucky me I just found the game and it was barely updated a few hours ago can't wait I'm already so excited for this <3

or maybe that's the end of the demo and I'm just stupid 😭

If it is I recommend adding something that says it is the end of the demo to avoid future confusion

where's the button to go to the next page????

I figured it out! Just switched to desktop mode because the buttons didn't work in mobile

I accidentally clicked something wrong in customization how to I restart that... 😭

I've come back to this close to a year since it's was published still as great as I remember I hope a chapter gets released eventually

just as I got overly hooked it ends what a cruel fate 😔

The customization is enough to make me cry it's absolutely wonderful and I was really captivated in the story thus far! I can't wait to figure out why Tommy's friend has been acting that way. Overall I loved how cocky the demon was when being introduced and how now it's a whole clean slate because of Tommy 😭

Aaaaaa like the two previous comments I really do hope this hasn't been abandoned 😭

Omg happy early birthday! Also as you should the story is just absolutely amazing 😭

Its been six months i do hope this project wasn't dropped 😭

Lmao accidentally deleted the comment while relooking through notifications 🧍

I can't wait for the update hdjdldk I'm so excited since both Disney and Hans Christian Anderson's little mermaid stories are my favorite!

Since its already February ima patiently wait for the update I'm so excited 😩☝️

Currently in pain over finishing the demo it's amazing 😭 I can't wait for the rest of the story I'm so exited over it![help it's 4 am so excuse my lack of words/using the same wording and the overuse of I] 

OH DEAR LORD Veran/V my beloved despite him/them doing nothing but smiling and being concerned they've captured my heart can't wait to see more of them and the others the next update 🤸 

ALSO the way the mc is built is just chef kiss I love the dynamic they have going on and feel so bad for them also hope to see how Mother over there effects the story 👀 Though that mom part hit over my mom acting quite similar 🧍

Anywaysss author this is amazing work you have here and I simply can't wait for your future work I'll be supporting you all the way along with others! Can't wait for more!😌✨