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LMAO that title and story 😂


(and the awesome game, and the open-source code!)

Thank you for the keyboard shortcuts :)

Oh, I missed playing this while looking for games to rate! Gonna check it out now. Congratulations :)

I remember this music, and I remember your avocado game!

Gameplay is simple but fun. I like that you show the position of the new ghosts, so player can focus on building during the day.

Graphics-wise, the sprites work to represent what they need to, and the moving sun/moon is a clear indicator of time remaining for each cycle.

I don't know what else to say because the game works as it should and you finished under 3 hours. If you would like to expand, it'd be cool to have stronger types of blocks for higher levels. :)

Polanski are you superhuman? How can you be making games so fast and still have time to give high-detail feedback to everyone? (I'm trying to rate as much as I can and see your helpful notes in all the games lol)

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I LOVE THIS. Took me a few tries because the turrets keep missing. For some reason, the level 2-3 turrets miss a lot compared to the others. But I figured a workaround by placing them at the end of longer corridors to have lower chance to miss.

I just really love this implementation. I've been fascinated by Rogue Tower lately, but couldn't figure out how to break it down for practice. Your game showed me the way :D

My only wishlist is to have a speed up button. It would've been useful in my ~5th retry when I figured out the early stages and just waiting for my towers to get to next level.

Sharing the tower setup that finally got me to the "end"

Thank you. I was hoping you would. I found your comments useful from the Tea Jam and used then to improve in other jams. Sorry I couldn't make it to your stream again. We seem to be on opposite timezones.

But thank you for doing this, it's very helpful to watch streamers play other games and react in real time.

(Yes, the fire-tending + low visibility was inspired by Don't Starve! I used to be addicted to that game! I got it from GOG back in 2013, then they released multiplayer on Steam which prompted me to open an account there. Then I got distracted by the 10 billion other games on that platform.)

Thank you! I finished the base mechanics in 3 hours (spawning, interaction, etc) but it was very boring, no graphics, and the controls were confusing. I couldn't stop tweaking things and figured since going over 3 hours disqualifies me anyway, might as well make the game more playable and go waaay over time :D

You caught me about the sounds. These are labrador retriever sounds because I couldn't find open source ones with wolves LOL

  • I'll take note of the lighting! Right now it's arithmetic scaling the radius based on the logs, but maybe it should be logarithmic..?
  • I wanted it to have an upgrade element at the end of each cycle, and for the enemies to  be stronger too, but alas... time... :(((
  • Also grateful for your lighting suggestions. It would've been great if the forest turns dusky before dark.

Thank you for the feedback! You're the first to comment on the negative time. :) I know about the bug but didn't have time to fix it... the last day was supposed to be all-night.

Compact but fun game! It took me a while to figure out what's happening, but once I understood it, I still sucked at the game. LOL 

I can't help but keep playing though. Adding the temperature-management was a great way to keep things frantic.

Love the game name, pixel art, animation, color palette, and mechanics. I like survival games and I can see this being an adorable pocket game with some balancing and a night enemy.

Sidenote: this makes me feel like a monster when the other lizard sees its friend waiting to be cooked :'(

Very addicting! I had to keep playing because you put the dev high score in.

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Oh, for this stage, I found a shortcut. (Let me know if I should delete this comment!)

Those are adorable sprites. Say hi to your artist Mary, from another mary :)

I like having to switch between 2 characters and the circular platform arrangement. I wish the clouds were less slippery though!

That ending is HYPE. :D

Love the color palette and the soundtrack, which all contribute to the mood.

Thanks to this game, I learned something new today. I went and read what"Waiting for Godot" meant after finishing the game and reading other comments.

Thank you! The good sprites are from expansions of 0x72's dungeon sprites. :))

The bow and arrow are my own pixel art attempts. You're right about the projectile visibility. I think I should've outlined them because they can get lost in the forest sprites.

(Adding to the game-name convo below) Do you happen to like alliteration? :)

I kept burning the plants at first but I finally found a strategy, which is to never stop in one place!

I thought at first that the game ended because I was killing too many plants. I later figured out that the game always ends at sunset.

Thank you for noticing it! The chopping felt flat during testing so I added a chance to spawn wolves, which increases every day. The price of deforestation :')

Thank you! I stuck to the theme this time, but went waaay over the time limit :D

Playing this game is questioning my sanity: "Did that thing just...?" "Am I imagining this?" "I'm not, right?" "Try to make it do the thing again"

I'm glad Polanski hinted at the theme below, or I would've missed the brilliance. Your description page is mind-tricksy! :P

AAA-tier sound design XD

I played this game longer than I should've. I got to lap 30+ before stopping. The controls are good, which is important for this kind of game. It's fun to just dash around the track. I wish there's a timer of sorts for extra challenge.

P.S. Did you know you can control the car on the title screen? That's how I first heard the sound effects. Not within the race, but while pressing WASD before Start. Imagine my surprise :D

Something funny happened to me and I just had to make this meme :D

This is surprisingly geeky take on the theme with the eclipse. I didn't think of using the eclipse to reverse my run until I looked at the gifs again. It's a trick move for me, but very rewarding when you manage to cross the eclipse.

I love this entry so much! I played this before submissions closed because I couldn't wait.

The random dialogue is funny. My favorite is "May I inspect your neck". The operatic/8-bit-ish(?) music is perfect too. So much detail and polish under 3 hours! I'm jealous!

This is so bittersweet. The music and art are lovely. Thank you for creating this game.

Oh, sorry. I thought the  OP was asking if they should stick to pixelated-style graphics.

It doesn't have to be 2-bit. See the winner of past Black and White Jam #5, Counting Stars

Agree with this! Is it possible to prioritize all prepared meals before they eat the fresh fruits/veggies first?

These look amazing! So much detail in a few pixels.

sorry, just dropping by again to correct myself. it's every 2 months~

(i thought bi-monthly means 2x a month hehe)

Ooooh I thought it was the letter T :D

Love the gameplay of this one. The controls and camera felt good. The music was aces too.

Too bad you ran out of time to make levels, but having a good gameplay is more important. :)

There's an ongoing Improve My Game Jam if you want to add levels! It closes in a day, but they open every two weeks.

This is the first story-based entry I've come across so far. Great, layered use of the theme.

I love that jaunty music. Gives you the proper creeps.

I think it'd be great if you can get a clue in the cheaper nodes too, just to give more illusion of progress. (Although story-wise, it makes sense that the important info is hidden behind harder-to-hack nodes.)

I couldn't figure out the 2nd number so I kept guessing using the other three that I know. Maybe you can also punish players for guessing randomly. :)

Amazing level design :O That second to the last level had me stumped for some time, but I trusted that there was a solution so I kept trying. I'm also jealous of the amount of polish your game has...


What's the third form? I can only summon a black cat and a peach/fluffy cat.

This is a great entry!