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A short adventure based on the Hindenburg disaster.
Submitted by Zhedd — 1 minute, 28 seconds before the deadline

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Puzzle Design#52.6672.667

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Historical Event
Hindenburg Disaster

A relatively new way of transporting people across the Atlantic, giving
a luxurious and the fastest transatlantic ride with the largest and most significant vehicle of its kind...

Only to end in a fiery death fueled by hydrogen, marking the end of one era. The cause of the disaster remains a mystery.

That describes the story of LZ 129 Hindenburg, a german airship, that worked also as a propaganda tool for Nazi-Germany.
That also describes the underlying story behind this futuristic adventure game.
A sabotage was one of the theories trying to explain the disaster,
and it is the theory that is the inspiration for this game.

Will this be the last of the great submarine train disasters?

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Jam Judge

Didn't really get much of the story or how the sci-fi aspect came into play. Characters weren't elaborated on at all. The puzzle came off a little illogical so I basically just blunt forced my way through. I like the art style. Reminded me of Zombie Night Terror. Good music choice.

Best of luck!

Jam Judge

Lovely graphics, interesting game. I included it in my $101 Adventure Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


This game has a great art style and concept.

The art is really great and fits the game perfectly. It really feels like a high tech, luxurious new transport. It's absolutely spot on.

The background music is good,  catchy even. The lack of any other sounds brings it down a bit though.

There is really only one puzzle in this game, but it is done well. I do wonder why I can't buy drinks from the bartender though. I have to steal drinks from the bar instead. The other people and terminals in the train giving additional info is a nice touch.

The story is a bit lacking. I don't really know why I am trying to blow up the train. Some more backstory would go a long way. Also clicking seems to quickly skip past dialog before I can read it sometimes, and it keeps moving me around the train when I am clicking through dialog.

Despite the playable content being minimal and a very sparse story, the game was quite enjoyable.


Thank you for your kind words!

There is a backstory, but it didn't make it to the game because of the lack of time. The company is actually getting a lot of funding for the submarine train, because it is efficient, fast and reliable way of transportation. The same technology can be also used for military purposes, and that is the real reason why the company wants to develop the technology, though the public doesn't know that. The player character knows of their plans, and he also knows that the company is the biggest military drone manufacturer. If the development continues, the company could gain control both in air and underwater. He plans to destroy the train making it look like an accident, hoping it will freak out the public and cut the funding back dramatically.

Like Hindenburg was a propaganda symbol for the Nazi-Germany, the train also has propaganda value to the company. If there was enough time to do it, the ending would have revealed that the accident dented the public image of the company, because it has put much effort in convincing everyone about the train's safety. The funders also got scared, and the future of the submarine trains became uncertain, just like the Hindenburg disaster ended the airship era.

Submitted (1 edit)

Really like the art style, but I got stuck in the first part? Couldn't find what to do with the drink, flavoured drink, or coffee, or how to get past the staff only guard. The flavoured drink was not for anyone that I could find... :(

As for feedback for the game mechanics, it was a bit strange to still be able to move while talking to someone. I kept moving around when clicking to continue the dialogues.


Thank you for your feedback! Did you give it another go? My friend just came across a bug that made it impossible to complete the game. He run out of inventory space before he could get an important item and he had to restart.


I'm really digging this art style. Very reminiscent of future sci-fi films like Blade Runner.

The game could really use some sound effects. Footsteps,  interface noises for pickups/dialogue and crowd noise could really elevate the, already stellar, atmosphere. The ending was also a bit abrupt.


Thank you! Indeed, Blade Runner was one of my inspirations for the visual style! Especially the bar is heavily inspired by the noodle bar shown early in the movie.

And thanks for the feedback.  Sound effects could have really improved the game and helped the flawed ending.