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PDF collections of each chapter of Space School, and more!
Intergalactic courier Flux and her pal Juicebox take gigs around the universe to pay down Flux's student debt
16-page comic pdf/romantic space-fantasy/bounty hunters & waiters
​Short comic about an unusual intergalactic romance!
After being frozen for ten years, Kahren discovers that things have made a turn for the worse.
What else does the universe have in story for Zarah? Wolf monsters? Yes!
Mullo Murony, must satisfy his hunger for the flesh of mythical creatures after being cursed by a unicorn.
A Prototype for a Prologue. Aliens and Space and Affection. oh my.
The boy is back and he's looking for cool treasure. See what happens.
Local green round boy ingests the spicy sauces. See what happens.
35 page comic set on a desolate planet