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Are you a stinking pile of no good rotten filth? MÖRK BORG Compatible
A cosy queer portal fantasy novel
Destroy the source of a plague of numbers before you succumb to madness and self-immolation.
Survival horror 5E adventure for the holidays.
TTRPG zine made with contributions from the community - 100% human made with love!
A Solo/Co-op dungeon crawler of Dark Delves, Drunk Rogues, and Randy Goblins
Guides for 6 biomes and plot hooks for 8 biomes for your D&D campaigns! (click to see the Table of Contents)
Includes fantasy inn maps, encounters, menus, npcs, random tables, and more! Great for 5e, VTTs, and any TTRPG!
Roleplaying adventure of mystery, dungeon delving and dark psychedelia
A zine of anti-canon food magics, food revolutionaries, food fights, and food folk tales for tabletop roleplay.
The ENnie-Award Winning Setting & Bestiary
A Solo or Co-Op Dungeon Delve
The Circle of Seas contains druids who safeguard water in all its forms - even when their quests find them on land.
My complete posting history from reddit (click to see the Table of Contents)
Generate a Saint for a Medieval Gothic Fantasy setting including tools of office, title, and supernatural boons.
RPG source book for DCC RPG to create weird angels and religious trappings.
TTRPG zine made with contributions from the community - Holiday Bumper Issue!
Generate a ghost town for a Medieval Gothic Fantasy setting including ambience, history, and a dark fate.
An Artificer Specialization for dutiful doctors and practical practitioners
Generate dozens of hexes and cures for your Medieval Gothic Fantasy game including ailments physical and spiritual.
A Martial Archetype for supportive sailors and scurvy dogs
The Delight Domain focuses on the vibrant, positive energy and what makes life worth living.
Harvesting monster parts in the 5th edition of the world's most well known fantasy RPG
A sorcerous origin for Martial Magicians and Combative Casters
A Setting and Subclass of Kindness and Kinship
A Primal Path for Angry Arcanists and Seriously Pissed Spellcasters
A roguish archetype for gunslingers and quick-trigger-fingers
Oldschool Dungeon Crawler Gamebook created for the NanoGenMo
A Monastic Tradition For Adventurers Who Just Wanna Beat The Sh*t Outta The Bad Guys
An arcane tradition for sickly spellcasters and ghastly goths
Tips, tricks, troops and traps for Tabletop Roleplaying
A 5th Edition Supplement that grants 5 Subtypes for the Hexblood Race, all based on the different hags of D&D.
Tabletop RPG Adventures in the World of Love
The Origin Of Proper Names Found In Dungeons & Dragons
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